ActiveDEMAND Web Chat

Real-time visitor engagement.

Automatically deploy the web chat widget on your website and start engaging with your website visitors. Utilizing ActiveDEMAND’s web chat feature allows you to monitor visitors on your website in real time. You have the option to either initiate a chat or await inquiries from your website visitors. With the integration of ChatGPT and the power of AI, your customers can get answers to their questions 24/7. And once the chat session is finished, all interactions are recorded and stored in ActiveDEMAND’s history timeline.

Drive automation with a chat.

Imagine the power of automation infused into your web chat – it’s like having a friendly, knowledgeable team member available around the clock, but even better! We integrate with ChatGPT which means your customer inquiries are not only handled promptly, but they’re also meticulously logged in a detailed history timeline. This interactive record serves as a roadmap of your customer’s journey, rich with insights about their preferences and needs.

This historical data can be leveraged to kick-start personalized marketing automation workflows. By aligning with your customer’s interests, these automated processes reach out with the right message at the right time, making every interaction feel tailored and personal. It’s a more engaging, personalized customer experience that blends the best of technology with a human touch.

Conversations Inbox Dashboard

Manage all your chats in one place.

Live operators can manage all their conversations in ActiveDEMAND’s Conversation Inbox. In a simple dashboard, engage directly with your contacts via the web chat or follow up with personalized messaging with text or email. With the help of ChatGPT and AI, you have the option to automate your chat and have 24/7 chat availability. And with first-person data including customer profile, activity history, and more, you’re getting a more connected, responsive, and customer-centric approach to communication.

Post your chat events to GA4 automatically.

Having a webchat tool that posts to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is like having an assistant who communicates with your customers and analyzes their behavior. It centralizes your data, giving you a unified view of your website interactions. Not only can you see what’s sparking customer queries, but you can also tailor your content and customer service to better match your customers’ interests. Plus, these insights fuel smarter marketing campaigns. Simply put, the ability to post web chat events to GA4 makes data analysis streamlined, offering you valuable insights for more effective decision-making.

  1. Appearance Tab
  2. Enable/Disable the web chat (if enabled, it will automatically deploy using the tracking script)
  3. Placement of the webchat on the website (left bottom or right bottom)
  4. Name of the attendant
  5. The byline
  6. Brand (sets up the colors)
  7. Avatar icon

Customizable branding.

Tailor the look and feel of your chat interface to reflect your brand’s unique identity. No more disjointed brand representation – only a cohesive, personalized customer experience. ActiveDEMAND automatically pulls your brand colors and injects them into the chat window based on the brand identity you choose. Add your company avatar, attendant name, and company byline to get the conversation started. With this cohesive approach, your chat doesn’t feel like an add-on but an integral part of your brand experience.

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5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"ActiveDEMAND delivers fresh leads to my inbox daily. Starting every day with information of people that have actually looked at our site gives me a great starting place to do research from the information provided by Active DEMAND."

Brian Diiulio, Vice President of Sales, QDS Systems