Visitor vs. Lead vs. Opportunity

What is a Visitor vs. Lead vs. Opportunity?

A visitor is a casual, anonymous individual viewing the website without any intention or much interest in pursuing further action or clicks. They may or may not become a lead. A visitor converts to a lead when it becomes clear they are interested in the product or service offered. Leads take positive action, such as opting in to receive a newsletter or offers, engaging in webinars, or adding to a blog. Leads provide the possibility for future business. Their activity indicates how close they are to making a buying decision. A lead becomes an opportunity once they have identified a need, become interested in buying the product or service, and have made contact with a sales/sales rep. An opportunity becomes a customer and presents a chance to close the deal when their activity will result in future revenue/sales.

In ActiveDEMAND, you get more granular funnel levels:

  • Contacts in the system don’t necessarily have to do anything, you could have just added them.
  • Visitors are website visitors
  • Conversions are interesting things that contacts have done like calling a tracked phone number, filling in a form, starting a live chat, etc. These are set by default.
  • Goals are like conversions, but you configure them. They’re used to indicate success and are attached to a campaign
  • Leads are unique contacts who have performed a conversion
  • MQLs are Marketing Qualified Leads: these are leads that were sent to sales
  • SQLs are Sales Qualified Leads: these are leads that were claimed by sales
  • Revenue/Deals Won: are closed sales from the CRM.

For more info on conversion types in ActiveDEMAND, check out this How to Use Goals in ActiveDEMAND video: