Marketing Asset

What is a Marketing Asset?

A marketing asset may include presentations, brochures, email campaigns, and other promotional items used to promote products or services. Marketing assets are customized content. Types of marketing assets include: ebooks provide instruction on procedure or concept; handbooks and guides provide a strategy, method, or approach; cheat sheets are condensed handbooks / guides; apps solve specific problems or provide a particular service; studies / whitepapers provide credible research and information, analyses, and investigations; web videos / YouTube are intended to entertain or instruct; social / mix-media posts also entertain and inform. A marketing asset portal is a web platform, managed by marketers, that posts approved marketing (assets) materials.

In digital marketing, the Marketing Asset is typically used for early funnel conversions. Most marketers will try to leverage a marketing asset to get contact information from a prospect. Once the contact information is obtained, the marketing can start the process helping the prospect complete their buyer journey much more efficiently than without the marketer involved. Typically the marketer will use marketing automation to drive drive the journey automatically.

What are Gated Marketing Assets?

The concept of asset gating is simple: put a form between the anonymous visitor looking to consume the marketing asset and the asset itself. If you promote the asset and create a great landing page that explains what lies beyond the form fill, and if the prospect believes the asset is worth giving up their contact information, the asset can be used to generate leads. This ‘gating’ of assets is a well known strategy for driving leads from the assets. Asset gating is a feature of marketing automation platforms.

ActiveDEMAND features gated downloads as a feature.

Getting The Most Out of your Marketing Assets

Marketing assets take time and effort to create. It is important to get as much re-use out of your marketing assets as possible. for example, you could decide to create and promote a webinar. Regardless of how many people attend the webinar, the webinar recording is definitely a marketing asset. This webcast can be gated. You can create an ebook using the slide content. Ebooks are great marketing assets.

Marketing Asset

Significantly increase conversions for events, product specials, pay-per-click campaigns and more. ActiveDEMAND landing pages help you get the most out of your Marketing Assets and are part of a complete integrated marketing automation platform that includes the tools you need to manage your entire online marketing campaigns.

Dynamic Content for Increased Conversions

Getting the right asset in front of your prospects is always a challenge. Many marketers try to focus marketing effort on a single asset hoping that everyone that views the asset will consume the asset. Advanced marketers are using dynamic content to change which asset appears before the visitor based on real-time behavioral segmentation. Dynamic website content has shown to increase marketing asset conversions significantly.

For more info on how to use dynamic website content in ActiveDEMAND, check out this Getting Started with Dynamic Content video: