Campaign Management Definition

What is Campaign Management?

Campaign management implements public relations, product development, and sales to create, execute, monitor, and measure marketing programs directed at specifically target audiences. The potential demand for products and services is estimated and the most cost effective and efficient means of reaching consumers is determined. Campaign management involves developing a pricing as well as a sales strategy to maximize profits. Surveys are conducted to evaluate product/services campaigns’ effectiveness. Public responses to the campaign’s strategy are tracked to determine if the desired results and goals are met.

Campaign Management

Manage all aspects of your online campaign with one tool.

Campaign Management

Robust reporting to monitor campaign success prove ROI to clients.

Campaign Management

Integrate social media posts within campaigns and track their results.

Campaign Management

With call tracking, offline data can be tracked in conjunction with online advertising.

Direct Marketing Campaign Management

Direct marketing campaigns are those campaigns that use traditional marketing techniques: Print, road signs, mail outs, postcards, etc. Managing direct marketing campaigns is really a cost management problem as results measurement is quite difficult. There are some strategies to track direct marketing campaigns that have been proven to work effectively. For example, Call Tracking Numbers have been shown to be a great measurement tool for direct marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Campaign Management

When thinking about digital Campaign Management, consider a full stack solution that brings all of your digital assets together. One of the challenges facing most marketers is being able to truly manage the outcome of a multi-channel campaign. This challenge is increased drastically when trying to achieve campaign success with a collection of disparate tools. Digital agencies and professional marketers both prefer a powerful unified solution for campaign management.

Getting Started with Campaign Management