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LeadPages Alternative

ActiveDEMAND offers more Landing Page Power for Less

ActiveDEMAND is the real LeadPages alternative.  Not only does ActiveDEMAND provide everything you need to build outstanding landing pages that convert, it also includes many other features that help you drive traffic to your landing pages! Features like Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Call Tracking, Dynamic Content, Dynamic Contextual Popups, Social Media Marketing, Brand Management and more.

Unlike LeadPages which is a niche product, ActiveDEMAND provides a full featured marketing solution. Built by marketers for marketers! Digital Agencies choose ActiveDEMAND over LeadPages as ActiveDEMAND provides a full white-labeled solution. Managing multiple clients from a single platform has never been easier! ActiveDEMAND is the true alternative to LeadPages!

LeadPages Alternative

ActiveDEMAND provides fully dynamic content

With ActiveDEMAND you can have the landing page dynamically adapt to the visitor! For example:

  • Keyword search term
  • Adgroup click
  • Geo-IP location
  • Any previous web history you have collected on the prospect
Dynamic Website Content




Dynamic Contextual Content
Dynamic Contextual Images
Drag and Drop Editor
Visual Form Builder
Integrated Marketing Automation
Automatic A/B Testing
requires higher package level
Custom Autoresponder Workflow Builder
Email Marketing
Social Media Post Scheduling
Trigger-Based Messaging
Smart Send
Responsive Design
Triggered Campaigns
Integrated Phone Call Tracking
SMS (Text) Messaging
Social Media Integration
Social Media Analytics
Google Analytics Integration
Graphical/World Map Reporting
Custom Reports
Email Support
Live Chat Support
Phone Support
Support Portal
An embedded CRM Provided
Olark Chat


With ActiveDEMAND, it is that easy!


Lead Pages Alternative
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