Leadfeeder Pricing and Features vs ActiveDEMAND

Leadfeeder is focused heavily on detecting companies visiting your website and seeing what they’re up to. It fits very well with companies that do cold calling because it offers a list of companies that have browsed the website, but not called or filled out a form. This also fits well into companies looking to do basic Account Based Marketing (ABM) because it offers an additional signal not offered by Google Analytics.

ActiveDEMAND is a marketing automation platform that tracks those same website visitors as Leadfeeder. Like Leadfeeder, ActiveDEMAND offers a real-time view into who’s using the site and can update your CRM or notify sales when known prospects or contacts visit the website. But while Leadfeeder serves as an add-on of information, specifically website browsing information, to your existing marketing automation platform or CRM platform, ActiveDEMAND is a full marketing automation platform. As such, it integrates with way more signal inputs ranging from social to email, phone calls or form fills and can take custom action based on all those inputs. You could use it to just track website visitors as Leadfeeder does or you could do a lot more. ActiveDEMAND enables a full court press on Account-Based Marketing (ABM) by providing additional inputs and outputs for marketing and sales, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, custom content, dynamic emails, and more.


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ActiveDEMAND vs Leadfeeder Pricing

Leadfeeder pricing is based on unique companies visiting your website. ActiveDEMAND pricing is based on contacts: de-anonymized users who have typically filled out a form or called, and therefore ActiveDEMAND offers unlimited companies visiting your website per month. Although you’re still able to see visitors on the site and which company they’re from, ActiveDEMAND pricing is not based on website visitors like Leadfeeder is.

leadfeeder alternative
First Year Price Small Business Marketer: $1,308 (1,000 contacts) $2,388 (1,000 unique companies visiting website per month)
Contract Terms Monthly or Yearly Monthly or Yearly
Reviews G2 Crowd:4.5/5
GetApp: 4.38/5
Capterra: 4.5/5
G2 Crowd: 4.7/5
GetApp: 4.28/5
Capterra: 4/5


Agency Features

Leadfeeder offers a basic partner program, but it is not well documented online. ActiveDEMAND is built for marketing agencies so it has multiclient management and white labeling as well thought out features. There are also account and campaign templates that can be used across accounts to make it easy to perform multi-account marketing, such as for franchises or for brands with many locations.

leadfeeder alternative
Multi-Client Management
White Label
Referral Program
Content Moderation
Free Agency Portal
Cross Account Marketing


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There are some definite differences between the integrations offered by Leadfeeder and ActiveDEMAND due to the different scope of each platform. Leadfeeder adds website visitor detail to existing platforms and doesn’t automate any marketing. It pulls visitor data from Google Analytics so no script installation is necessary. ActiveDEMAND is a full-blown marketing automation solution and therefore has more integrations with appropriate platforms.

Note: the list would be too long to show all integrations, so we’ve chosen some common integration options below.

leadfeeder alternative
Built-in CRM
Native Salesforce Integration
Native Pipedrive Integration
HTML Tracking Code
N/A, works with Google Analytics
Facebook, Google, Twitter


Marketing Automation Features

Leadfeeder is not a marketing automation platform, so it doesn’t make sense for it to offer dynamic website content based on sophisticated user targeting, help enable sales, or implement lead claiming. Features are focused on website visit data only. Lead scoring is based on visits and not on the cornucopia of lead signals that ActiveDEMAND provides.

leadfeeder alternative
Email Drip & Newsletters
Landing Pages
Marketing Dashboard & Reports
Limited to website visitor data
Sophisticated Dynamic Website Content
Call Tracking
Sophisticated Trigger Popups
Appointment Scheduling
Integrated: Google or Microsoft
Lead Scoring
Limited to website visitor data


Are you looking for a Better Leadfeeder Alternative?

Leadfeeder is a cool platform, but it’s a bit of a one-trick pony on providing additional website visitor detail. ActiveDEMAND provides website visitor detail and so much more. Given that the pricing is very similar, why not deploy a full marketing stack with ActiveDEMAND?

Note: this comparison was made with publicly available information online. Pricing, features, and capabilities may vary over time.


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