Intercom Alternative

Intercom Pricing and Features vs ActiveDEMAND

Intercom is a great messaging platform that has started to build on marketing automation features. The platform is particularly focused on helping support teams. Most of the integrations in Intercom are focused on online chat, while ActiveDEMAND is first and foremost a marketing automation platform. In fact, Intercom integrates with other marketing automation platforms.




ActiveDEMAND vs Intercom Pricing

Intercom pricing is built primarily around a use case of helping support teams, so it’s not directly comparable to traditional marketing automation pricing. It’s focused on user seats from a support standpoint, and not from a marketing standpoint, which is why Intercom has 2 user seats at their pro level while ActiveDEMAND has unlimited user seats so that marketing teams are not limited.

Intercom Alternatives
First Year Price Small Business Marketer: $1,788 (5,000 contacts, unlimited users) Pro: $3,324 (up to 5,000 active contacts, 2 user seats)
Contract Terms Monthly or Yearly Monthly or Yearly
Reviews G2 Crowd:4.5/5
Capterra: 4.5/5
G2 Crowd: 4.3/5
Capterra: 4.5/5


Agency Features

Intercom is primarily aimed at support and in-house teams. There is currently no agency program advertised on their website. ActiveDEMAND is focused on a great agency experience, offering an agency referral program, full white labelling, and makes it easy to cross-account market for companies that do marketing for franchises, multiple locations, or multiple clients.

Intercom Alternatives
White Label YES NO
Referral Program YES NO
Free Agency Portal YES NO
Cross Account Marketing YES NO




Because Intercom is focused on support and chat, integrations are focused on those features. Both Intercom and ActiveDEMAND support Salesforce and Pipedrive integration, and ActiveDEMAND supports a few more popular CRM’s like NoCRM and Nimble. While Intercom can fill CRM’s with chat logs, it is not a full marketing automation platform and will not add other user signals that a marketing automation platform will detect.

Intercom Alternatives
Built-in CRM NO NO
Native Salesforce Integration YES YES
Native Pipedrive Integration YES YES
Other Popular CRM’s YES, Many Not really
Popular eCommerce Engines Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop Shopify
HTML Tracking Code YES YES
WordPress Plugin YES YES, enables chat across the site
Integrate via Google Tag Manager YES YES
Facebook, Google, Twitter YES Analytics, FB Chat, but not FB ads or Google Ads
Zapier YES YES


Marketing Automation Features

Intercom’s chat platform is excellent and much of how it operates is centered on that chat. Inbound leads and support through chat are well handled and have appropriate automation steps available. ActiveDEMAND is built as a marketing automation platform with deep ties into the website, so it supports landing pages, dynamic content and integrates more inbound signals and offers more outbound options.

Intercom Alternatives
Email Drip & Newsletters YES Kinda
Landing Pages YES NO
Marketing Dashboard & Reports YES YES, as they pertain to their data
Sophisticated Dynamic Website Content YES NO
Chat bots NO At Premium pricing level, $100/mo
Call Tracking YES, Integrated Has call integration, but not for marketing effectiveness
Sophisticated Trigger Popups YES YES, with limited user signals, popups limited to chat
Appointment Scheduling YES, Integrated: Google G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 YES, with G Suite, and with Microsoft Teams, not with 365 Calendar
Lead Scoring YES YES, with limited user signals


Are you looking for the Best Intercom Alternative?

Intercom is a fantastic support and chat platform, but it’s not the best choice for B2B, agencies, and SaaS companies that need to use marketing automation to get more business. For those organizations, ActiveDEMAND provides a better, full-stack marketing automation platform.

Note: this comparison was made with publicly available information online. Pricing, features, and capabilities may vary over time.