HighLevel Pricing and Features vs ActiveDEMAND

HighLevel is a fairly new marketing automation + CRM suite made for marketing agencies. It is value-priced and since it’s new, it offers few native integrations with other marketing and sales platforms. ActiveDEMAND offers more comprehensive and flexible automation with “choose your own adventure” branching logic in campaigns.

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ActiveDEMAND vs HighLevel Pricing

HighLevel’s pricing is very competitive, but you also need to add on a Twilio account and an email platform like Mailgun which will incur fees on their own. There are very few user reviews of HighLevel on independent review sites like GetApp, Capterra, and G2. Most online video reviews of GoHighLevel look to be done by HighLevel affiliates.

First Year Price Starting at $2388 $3564
Contract Terms Monthly or Yearly Monthly
Reviews G2:4.5/5
GetApp: 4.38/5
Capterra: 4.5/5
Not a lot of independent reviews out there

G2: 5/5 (just 1 review)
GetApp: No reviews
Capterra: 4.3/5 (just 9 reviews)

Agency Features

ActiveDEMAND and HighLevel both offer agency-specific features. HighLevel cannot be purchased or used by end customers: it must be purchased by an agency. Because of this, HighLevel can only be an agency-owned asset, and clients who leave or put their retainer on pause may lose all their data+automation. If your end clients want the option to own their own data and marketing automation or your agency prefers platforms at an arms-length will be better served with ActiveDEMAND.

Multi-Client Management
White Label
Content Moderation
Referral Program

Referral program for end clients or other agencies

Affiliate program to sell to other agencies

Free Agency Portal
Cross Account Marketing
Create your free agency portal


HighLevel’s basic built-in CRM may do the trick for some small businesses, but a growing small business or medium-size business will want a more fully-featured CRM. ActiveDEMAND integrates with more heavy-duty CRM’s, website platforms like WordPress, chat programs that are popular inside agencies like Slack, and add video conferencing platforms like GoToMeeting and Zoom to your appointments.

Because ActiveDEMAND is built to integrate with existing marketing assets, it does a much better job of integrating with your WordPress or another website: it’s easy to integrate forms, add in dynamic content, include website statistics in reporting, etc. With HighLevel, it’s more “all or nothing” and they encourage you to build the website on HighLevel’s proprietary platform.

Built-in CRM
Native Salesforce Integration
Native Pipedrive Integration
Other Popular CRMs
WordPress Plugin
Integrate via Google Tag Manager

HighLevel does not track non-HighLevel websites, so there is no website tracking code

Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn

Facebook & google Ads, but no posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

GoToMeeting & Zoom video integration for meetings
Landing Pages
Email Drips
Marketing Dashboard & Reports

More limited in scope

Dynamic Website Content
Call Tracking


GDPR Compliant
Facebook Messenger
Ringless Voicemail
Appointment Scheduling

Google or Microsoft Office 365

Google only

“One-off” email sends
Conditional Flow Campaigns

The Best HighLevel Alternative?

ActiveDEMAND and HighLevel are both excellent marketing automation platforms built specifically for marketing agencies. Agencies may run into limitations on HighLevel if they need additional flexibility in integration and automation logic with clients. For agencies that deal with medium or large size clients that use their own CRM, ActiveDEMAND’s better CRM integration will be a better choice than the built-in basic CRM that comes with HighLevel.

Note: this comparison was made with publicly available information online. Pricing, features, and capabilities may vary over time.


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