Evergage Alternative

ActiveDEMAND is the real solution for Real-Time Behavioural Segmentation

ActiveDEMAND is the real Evergage alternative.  ActiveDEMAND provides everything you need to easily create, execute, manage, and track your marketing campaigns, it also includes many other features not found with products like Evergage. Unlike Evergage which is only a personalization platform, ActiveDEMAND is a professional digital marketer’s toolset that not only does real time personalization, it gives you the tools to DRIVE prospects to see your personalized content!

With ActiveDEMAND you get it all in one package:

  • Behavioral Personalization
  • Landing Pages
  • Social Media Management
  • Call Tracking
  • Email Marketing
  • Dynamic web content
  • Popups
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Outstanding reports and dashboards
  • True marketing automation

Marketers switch from Evergage to ActiveDEMAND for one reason: ActiveDEMAND is a full-stack solution! With products like Evergage, marketers will still have to spend money on email marketing software, marketing automation software, landing page software, call tracking software, scheduling software, and more. Simplify your marketing stack, the choice is clear: ActiveDEMAND is the digital marketer’s dream tool!


Marketing Automation



Agency Specific Features
Move/Copy Assets across Client accounts
Client Specific Dashboards
Automated Reporting
Full White-labeling
Campaign Templates/Recipes
Marketing Automation Features
Landing Pages
Analytics And Reporting
Drip Campaigns
Event Management
Marketing Dashboards & Reports
Multi Step Campaigns
Predictive Personalization
Integrated Exit Attempt Popups
Integrated Appointment Scheduling
Call Tracking Features
Integrated Call Tracking
Campaign & Keyword Level Call Tracking
In Conversation Behavioural Tracking
Marketing Integration Features
Native Google Adwords Integration
Native Google Analytics Integration
Bulk social media posting
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter integration
Zapier integration


ActiveDEMAND Landing Page Software

ActiveDEMAND Landing Pages are a key feature missing in products like Evergage. Marketers s need to be able to rapidly build and deploy targeted landing pages that adapt to keyword searches and more! With ActiveDEMAND, this is fast and simple! ActiveDEMAND blows away the competition! If you are looking for an alternative to Evergage, you have come to the right place.

Evergage Alternative with Landing Pages

Dynamically Optimized ForGoogle-AdWords

Evergage Alternative with Dynamic Website Content

Appointment Scheduling Software

It is becoming more difficult to get a form fill on a website. Contact Us is no longer a great Call To Action (CTA) as people typically do not trust the vendor to respond. If you allow your prospects to schedule a time, there is an implied commitment between the vendor and the prospect to meet at a very specific time. This type of conversion builds the trust between the prospect and the vendor. Unlike products like Evergage that lack appointment scheduling software, ActiveDEMAND is a complete marketing stack! ActiveDEMAND is the true alternative to Evergage.

Evergage Alternative with Appointment Scheduling