Ambassador Referral Marketing Competitor

Ambassador Referral Marketing Alternative

ActiveDEMAND is the real solution for driving affiliate and referral marketing programs

ActiveDEMAND is a powerful marketing automation platform that drives referral and affiliate programs.  Not only does ActiveDEMAND provide everything you need to demonstrate the value you bring to your clients, ActiveDEMAND also includes many other features not found Ambassador Referral marketing at a fraction of the cost. Unlike Ambassador Referral Marketing which stops at referral marketing, ActiveDEMAND is a professional digital marketer’s automation platform. ActiveDEMAND offers a tool-set that allows you to drive your own demand as well as build a world leading referral program.

With ActiveDEMAND you get it all in one package:

  • Referral campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Social Media post scheduling
  • Outstanding reports and dashboards
  • Appointment scheduling


Marketers switch from Ambassador Referral software to ActiveDEMAND for one reason: ActiveDEMAND can be expanded to a full stack solution at a fraction of the cost! With products like Ambassador Referral marketers have no way drill down to actually SEE contact journeys, ROI based on closed deals, and geographic engagement. Simplify your marketing stack, the choice is clear: ActiveDEMAND is the digital marketer’s dream tool!


Dashboards & Reports Marketers Fall in Love With

The ActiveDEMAND platform is built around attribution reporting. In other words, what campaigns, actions and steps generate sales ready leads? Deploying a breadth of campaigns across different platforms makes it difficult to measure and report. People switch to the number one Ambassador alternative: ActiveDEMAND because it brings it all together for marketers with digital marketing dashboards so they can easily see what is working and report business results to agency clients.

Schedule Automated Reports with the Ambassador Alternative

ActiveDEMAND enables marketers and marketing agencies to create unlimited dashboards and report templates. These assets can be shared with co-workers and clients. Monthly client reporting is dynamically generated saving hours of manual labor compiling stats from different platforms. ActiveDEMAND is the true competitor to Agency Analytics!

Full Journey Tracking!

Agencies create stronger relationships with the clients when they communicate on a regular bases. Don’t wait until the end of the month to tell your client’s what you have done for them. ActiveDEMAND enables agencies to distribute real-time lead emails to clients.

Automate Dashboards and Reports

With ActiveDEMAND it is easy to automate your email reports. With full flexibility in your designs and data sets, it is easy to get the right results into your clients inbox!

Agency Automation Alternative