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Agency Analytics Pricing and Features vs ActiveDEMAND

More marketing agencies these days are upping their attribution game with call and form tracking solutions that better report to clients the value agencies bring. The real question when comparing ActiveDEMAND to Agency Analytics is whether you should use the platform with more future flexibility with ActiveDEMAND or use a single-purpose platform in Agency Analytics. Therefore, these two platforms aren’t really apples to apples in terms of features or approach, but some companies out there might be considering an AgencyAnalytics alternative with a full-stack marketing automation platform like ActiveDEMAND versus an attribution/reporting/SEO platform like AgencyAnalytics.


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ActiveDEMAND vs Agency Analytics Pricing

ActiveDEMAND and AgencyAnalytics are priced similarly and both ActiveDEMAND and AgencyAnalytics have rave customer reviews. But, ActiveDEMAND is a full marketing automation suite so it offers than just attribution.

agency analytics alternative
First Year Price Corporate Marketer: $6,588 (5,000 Contacts)
Small Business Marketer: $1,788 (5,000 contacts)
Enterprise: $6,000
Agency: $2,988
Contract Terms Monthly or Yearly Monthly or Yearly
Reviews G2 Crowd:4.5/5
GetApp: 4.38/5
G2 Crowd: 4.8/5
GetApp: 4.87/5


Agency Features: Agency Analytics vs ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND and Agency Analytics both offer programs specific to marketing agencies, but vary in features due to differences in how they approach agencies. AgencyAnalytics is meant to be used by an agency with customers under that account, while ActiveDEMAND offers multiple options for agencies, including a referral program.

ActiveDEMAND also has robust account & campaign templates to make it easier for agencies to spin up new client accounts just how they like them.

agency analytics alternative
Multi-Client Management YES YES
White Label YES YES
Agency Staff Accounts YES YES
Free Agency Portal YES Not free, but there’s a portal
Referral Program YES NO
Account and Campaign templating and cloning YES NO


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Integration: AgencyAnalytics vs Alternatives

ActiveDEMAND Integrates with most popular CRM’s and other platforms necessary for marketing automation, while AgencyAnalytics focuses on reporting, attribution, and social platforms. Agency Analytics relies on 3rd party tracking of websites and phone calls and doesn’t manage contacts, so it doesn’t really need to integrate with contact-based platforms.

Note: the list would be too long to show all integrations, so we’ve chosen some common integration options below.

agency analytics alternative
Built-in CRM NO NO
Native Salesforce Integration YES NO
Native Pipedrive Integration YES NO
Integrate with Other Popular CRM’s YES NO
HTML Tracking Code YES NO, uses 3rd party tools to track website
WordPress Plugin YES NO, uses 3rd party tools to track website
Integrate via Google Tag Manager YES NO, uses 3rd party tools to track website
Facebook, Google, Twitter YES YES
Adroll YES YES


Marketing Automation Features

AgencyAnalytics is not a Marketing Automation platform. If you want to expand to performing genuine marketing automation, ActiveDEMAND is the better option at the same price.

agency analytics alternative
Email Drip & Newsletters YES Integrates with MailChimp and Constant Contact
Landing Pages YES NO
Marketing Dashboard & Reports YES YES
Client-visible dashboards YES YES
Call Tracking YES, tightly integrated NO, requires 3rd party platform
Chat Bots NO NO
Sophisticated trigger pop-ups YES NO
Appointment Scheduling Google G Suite or Microsoft Office NO
Lead Scoring YES NO
Dynamic website content based on user signals YES NO


Are you Looking for a Better AgencyAnalytics Solution?

ActiveDEMAND and AgencyAnalytics both offer great attribution tracking and reporting. ActiveDEMAND also offers marketing automation. In AgencyAnalytics users are anonymous and are not tracked on an individual basis, but they are tracked on an individual basis in ActiveDEMAND, so it’s easier to track that your marketing brought in the million dollar deal this month for your customer.

Marketers switch from Agency Analytics to ActiveDEMAND for one reason: ActiveDEMAND can be expanded to a full stack solution! With products like Agency Analytics, marketers have no way drill down to actually SEE contact journeys, ROI based on closed deals, and geographic engagement. Simplify your marketing stack, the choice is clear: ActiveDEMAND is the digital marketer’s dream tool!

Note: this comparison was made with publicly available information online. Pricing, features, and capabilities may vary over time.


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