Act-On Pricing and Features vs ActiveDEMAND

Act-On is a Portland based marketing automation company that was started in 2008. It is primarily used by medium sized businesses and is priced out of the market for most SMB’s. I spoke with one of our agency clients who has deployed both ActiveDEMAND and Act-On to help build this comparison.


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ActiveDEMAND vs Act-On Pricing

  • ActiveDEMAND’s pricing is much more affordable than Act-On pricing: 3-6X more affordable even with DOUBLE the contact capacity on ActiveDEMAND
  • Act-On only has annual plans while ActiveDEMAND offers both monthly and yearly plans.
  • ActiveDEMAND has better customer ratings on 3rd party review sites.
First Year Price SMB: $1,788 (5,000 contacts, unlimited users)

Corporate Marketer: $6,588 (5,000 contacts, unlimited users)

Professional: $10,800/mo (2500 contacts, 3 marketing users, 50 sales users)

Enterprise: $24,000 (2500 contacts, 6 marketing users, 100 sales users)

Contract Terms Monthly or Yearly Yearly Contracts only, monthly payment plans may be available
Reviews G2 Crowd: 4.5/5
GetApp: 4.38/5
Capterra: 4.5/5
G2 Crowd: 4.1/5
GetApp: 4.24/5
Capterra: 4/5


Agency Features

ActiveDEMAND and Act-On both offer agency level partner programs, but ActiveDEMAND offers several extra perks for agencies. Our agency partner had this to say about Act-On: “They claim to be a full whitelabel product, but under all reports, dashboards and URL it still says Act-on. There was no way to change that.” The partner continued, “in the few months we worked together we had 3 different “success managers”. We had one training session per week. Additional meetings were not possible.” So, ActiveDEMAND’s white labelling of marketing automation is better.

When it comes to support, our contact said, “After working with both companies, ActiveDEMAND’s support is incredible. Best support I’ve ever had, and I’ve been in the IT business for over 20 years! You guys really rise above the rest. Support at Act-On was really limited and came close to the word: poor!”

Multi-Client Management YES YES
White Label YES Not really
Referral Program YES YES
Free Agency Portal YES YES
Sophisticated account and campaign templating & asset cloning YES NO


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ActiveDEMAND and Act-On both offer great integration to most popular platforms that marketers love. Our agency partner mentioned, “Act-On has great integration with LinkedIn, which is really handy for getting prospect and company details. Integrating and migrating a new customer took at least 2-4 days. After that, we still had a basic setup without any reporting. I now do the same with ActiveDEMAND within 30 – 60 minutes.”

Note: the list would be too long to show all integrations, so we’ve chosen some common integration options below.

Built-in CRM NO NO
Native Salesforce Integration YES YES
Native Pipedrive Integration YES Uses Zapier
Native Microsoft Dynamics Uses Zapier or Piesync YES
HTML Tracking Code YES YES
WordPress Plugin YES NO
Integrate via Google Tag Manager YES YES
Facebook, Google, Twitter YES YES
Zapier YES YES


Marketing Automation Features

Both ActiveDEMAND and Act-On offer great marketing automation features. Our agency user who used both ActiveDEMAND and Act-on comments, “The dashboard and reports in Act-On weren’t as good or easy to use as ActiveDEMAND, but Act-On’s email editor and social listening are better than ActiveDEMAND’s. Act-On was way too complex on a lot of other aspects compared with ActiveDEMAND”

Email Drip & Newsletters YES YES
Landing Pages YES YES
Marketing Dashboard & Reports YES YES
Sophisticated Dynamic Website Content YES YES
Call Tracking YES, Integrated YES, 3rd party
Sophisticated Trigger Popups YES YES
Lead Scoring YES YES


Are you looking for the Best Act-On Alternative?

ActiveDEMAND and Act-On are both great marketing automation platforms, but there’s a very large gap in pricing. Act-On comes with some additional tools like an SEO website auditor & competitor audit tool, but you may already have a purpose-built SEO platform like Moz, Ahrefs, Raven Tools, or SEMrush that will do a better job at SEO/SEM tasks. The functionality that most companies are looking for in an marketing automation platform is available in both Act-On as well as ActiveDEMAND. Ultimately our agency contact said, “ActiveDEMAND is more powerful than Act-On, faster to deploy, and the price was better for more clients. I appreciated that ActiveDEMAND was less complex to setup and use.”

Note: this comparison was made with publicly available information online. Pricing, features, and capabilities may vary over time.


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