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ActiveCampaign Alternative

ActiveDEMAND is the number one choice for digital agencies!

ActiveDEMAND is the real ActiveCampaign alternative.  Not only does ActiveDEMAND provide everything you need to easily create, execute, manage and track your marketing campaigns, it also includes many other features not found with ActiveCampaign.

ActiveDEMAND, a Better Landing Page Solution

ActiveCampaign Alternative

Why do digital agencies prefer ActiveDEMAND over ActiveCampaign? It is clear, ActiveDEMAND is a more robust toolset. ActiveDEMAND’s landing pages dynamically adapt to the session! Imagine a landing page that KNOWS which ad was clicked … and adapts accordingly. Imagine a landing page that adapts to the buyer profile. Instead of building 1000 landing pages, ActiveDEMAND Landing Pages adapt to the session!

ActiveDEMAND, a Call Tracking Solution

Why combine a marketing automation platform with a call tracking platform? The hottest lead ever is a phone call! If you are not tracking your calls, there is a significant gap in your attribution story! ActiveDEMAND is a powerful call tracking solution. Local tracked numbers globally! Clearly ActiveDEMAND is the true ActiveCAMPAIGN alternative!

ActiveDEMAND, Better Pipedrive Integration

Unlike ActiveCampaign that does not have a full integration with systems like Pipedrive, ActiveDEMAND has a complete bi-directional link to CRMs like Pipedrive. ActiveDEMAND provides robust campaign templates that make it easy for the professional marketer to drive demand! ActiveDEMAND is truly the ActiveCampaign alternative!

ActiveDEMAND, Full Automation

Unlike ActiveCampaign, which is primarily a email marketing platform, ActiveDEMAND offers full automation capabilities. Not only does ActiveDEMAND have great Email Marketing capabilities, ActiveDEMAND’s dynamic content and popup solution is second to none. This combined with full call tracking capabilities, you have a robust solution for marketing automation. This robust toolset has made ActiveDEMAND the number one toolset for professional marketers.

Marketing Automation



Agency Specific Features
Multi-Client Management
Move/Copy Assets across Client accounts
Client Specific Dashboards
Automated Reporting
Full White-labeling
Campaign Templates/Recipes
Marketing Automation Features
Automated A/B Testing
Analytics And Reporting
Brand Strategy
CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)
Drip Campaigns
Event Management
Landing Pages
Marketing Dashboards & Reports
Multi Step Campaigns
Predictive Personalization
Appointment Scheduling
Call Tracking Features
Integrated Call Tracking
Campaign & Keyword Level Call Tracking
Marketing Integration Features
Bulk social media posting
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter integration
Zapier integration

ActiveDEMAND has Full Appointment Scheduling!

Alternative to ActiveCampaign

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