Flowbird is an agency in the UK that helps clients increase sales. They help bridge the gap between sales and marketing using CRM and Marketing Automation platforms, they set up systems to nurture leads that aren’t quite ready for sales, and help ensure there are no lost leads.


Flowbird was able to deploy different marketing automation platforms such as Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign but saw gaps in attribution, reporting, and integration with CRM’s like Pipedrive.


Flowbird began offering ActiveDEMAND as a marketing automation platform option for clients and were thrilled to find:

  • The reporting and dashboards are great for clients. Putting our brand on the reporting was good, but being able to access reporting and pull data in from Google Analytics, Google Ads, and social media was key
  • Attribution was greatly improved: Flowbird is now able to connect which leads are generated by social media marketing and other sources
  • Personalization options on ActiveDEMAND blew Flowbird away
  • Love how ActiveDEMAND focuses on marketing automation and integrates with best of breed 3rd party CRMs
  • It was easier to implement ActiveDEMAND forms that looked great on client websites

A Better Partner for Agencies

One of Flowbird’s favorite parts about working with ActiveDEMAND is how much focus is put on Flowbird’s success.

Jason Rainbird, Director:

“We like how ActiveDEMAND is more partner focused on agencies like us. Their training and support were both great. There are also a lot of options on how to deploy the platform with our clients, so it offers us a lot of flexibility.”

Pipedrive + ActiveDEMAND

Jason continues,

“The Pipedrive & ActiveDEMAND combo is exceptionally powerful, so we recommend that combination for many of our clients. Sales teams love how simple Pipedrive is to use and we love how well it integrates with the sophisticated marketing automation of ActiveDEMAND.“

About Flowbird

Flowbird has been involved in CRM (customer relationship management) and automation for many years.

We have helped clients across a number of industries to develop relationships with existing and prospective customers through the use of database technology. Over the years, it has become clear that the number one driver for most companies is to streamline their business and in turn improve customer retention.

Using a unique combination of content business process management and automation, we help companies succeed at both.

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About ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing platform built for businesses to help them easily create, execute, and track marketing engagement of their campaigns. Providing powerful features such as webinar integration, advanced appointment scheduling, and personalization tools, it is built and priced for businesses to effectively market and grow their business.

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