Local Landscaping Company Uses Online Marketing to Push Growth


  • Had shown some success with online marketing but needed the expertise
  • Didn’t want to sustain the business, rather, wanted to really grow the business
  • Outsourced online marketing was affordable and let business owners focus on delivering their services

The Customer

Koala Outdoor Services is a full-service, local company that provides commercial and residential landscaping services. Products include maintenance-free decks, fencing, grading, retaining walls, patios as well as full landscape design services. Owner Amir Mazor had the expertise, tools, and staff needed to deliver his services. What was missing was the marketing side needed to grow the business.

The Challenge

After attempting to handle his marketing needs in-house, Amir quickly realized that a) he was not an expert in marketing, b) the return he was getting for his marketing efforts was too small and c) he delivered the most value to his business when he was on-site delivering projects for his customers. Amir wasn’t looking to just bring a regular stream of projects in the door, he wanted to grow his business.

The Solution

Amir knew that pouring money into offline advertising like outdoor portable signs, Yellow Page ads, and flyers was expensive and wasn’t going to get him the results he was looking for. Over the years, Amir had shown mild success with his online marketing efforts and so it was online where he wanted to focus his marketing spend.

Amir looked to ActiveDEMAND as the technology to deliver on his online marketing strategy. He choose ActiveDEMAND because he was familiar with the product’s reputation to deliver measurable results.

Before executed on the online marketing strategy, a comprehensive marketing profile was developed by Koala Outdoor Services. The marketing profile outlined Koala Outdoor Services’ primary products and services, their competitive advantages, buyer personas, and more. The complete online marketing strategies comprised of three main components:

  1. Attract: A strategy to put Koala Outdoor Services in front of those looking for their services.
  2. Convert: Turn online visitors into qualified leads for Amir.
  3. Retain: Deploy an online retention strategy to make customers into repeat customers.


How Success was achieved

Koala started by creating a website with a very specific purpose… attract new web visitors that had a high probability of converting into leads. The website was also built to attract prospects by integrating the latest white hat search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Next, Koala integrated the ActiveDEMAND marketing automation software to handle all website form processing, lead nurturing, and campaign tracking. Having ActiveDEMAND in place meant that Amir received leads in real-time and that they were followed up with in a timely manner.

Finally, using ActiveDEMAND’s forms and nurture capabilities customers would receive online surveys to ensure the work delivered by Koala Outdoor Services was as expected. The survey’s also collected testimonials from happy customers and were used to further market Koala Outdoor Services.

The Results

The online marketing strategy deployed is helping to grow Amir’s business. Website visitor traffic increased by 136% within three months and requests for fencing, decks, and landscape work are turning into leads on a daily basis. With ActiveDEMAND in place, Amir can focus on growing his business.

“As with many small business owners, I am passionate about the quality of work I deliver. I wish I had the same passion for marketing and the skills required to drive marketing activities. Thankfully ActiveDEMAND has the capabilities and provides the same professional results as I do for landscape design. ActiveDEMAND delivered… and continues to deliver the fuel my business requires to grow.”

About Koala Outdoor Services

Koala Outdoor Services is a premier outdoor renovation business. Koala transforms outdoor spaces into livable extensions of a home. Koala increases homeowner equity through the development of decks, fences, and landscaping services. Koala improves people’s lives by extending the boundaries of home to encompass an entire property. Unlike other outdoor services companies who subcontract out some of the services, Koala does all contracted work themselves. This ensures a standard level of service across all client sites.