Taekwondo Academy’s Leads Sky Rocket by 150%


  • No in-house marketing expertise and no time to deal with it.
  • Ad-hoc print advertising was not working.
  • Moved to a 100% internet based local marketing strategy
  • Within two months, interest increased by 150%

The Customer: Calgary Taekwondo Academy

Calgary Taekwondo Academy is a premier martial arts school with a core focus on taekwondo. Owner, Master Doug Kim, has built the school’s base enrollment through community involvement including fundraisers and volunteer work. Being centrally located school that is easy to get to and surrounded by a large population, Master Kim knew there was potential to grow his business.

The Problem: Traditional advertising is not working

Over the years Master Kim engaged with YellowPages® print advertising which worked reasonably over the years but was starting to drop-off as more people were looking online. Other campaigns included posters on local bulletin boards and signage at the local supermarket of which neither yielded any results. Master Kim began looking into online map listings and search engine optimization (SEO) and saw potential.

The Challenge: Master Kim was not an online marketing guru

Master Kim had a business associates running a martial arts school in another city who was seeing good success with his online marketing strategy. See the impact online marketing has had on other schools and knowing Master Kim was not an online guru, Master Kim chose ActiveDEMAND as the technology to make marketing easier.

The Solution: Focus efforts on online marketing to build student enrollment

While there are no shortage of online and SEO companies willing to work with Master Kim, ActiveDEMAND was chosen to help take Calgary Taekwondo Academy to the next level. ActiveDEMAND technology was chosen to measure offered SEO activities and driving leads using marketing automation that has demonstrated success for other martial arts schools. Getting more online attention for Calgary Taekwondo Academy, driving up website visits, offering coupons and staying in touch with existing students was the plan of attack.

The Results: Leads increased by 150% in under two months

Within a month of subscribing executing the marketing plan and integrated ActiveDEMAND, Master Kim began seeing a difference. Website traffic began to increase and people were downloading coupons on a daily basis rather than a weekly. Within a couple of months, leads increased by 150% and more students were walking through the doors. Master Kim continues to build student enrollment today by providing awesome instruction, great programs and leveraging his the easy to use marketing tool ActiveDEMAND.

About Calgary Taekwondo Academy

Calgary Taekwondo Academy provides taekwondo programs that combine education and physical training in a structured curriculum bringing together people of all ages and abilities in a friendly, safe and competitive environment. Calgary Taekwondo Academy is Calgary based company that has a focus on being the leader in Taekwondo for the Calgary Region. Unlike other Martial Arts studios that may offer Taekwondo as an option, Calgary Taekwondo not only specializes in Taekwondo, it has the dedicated facilities to properly train people of all ages.