Growing a B2B Company’s Products & Services


  • Website traffic quickly grew by 313%
  • Website leads increased by 660%
  • Sales became more productive

The Problem:

Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions (DMS) has a breadth of talent within the company ranging from very experienced Microsoft Dynamic NAV & ERP consultants to software developers and IT professionals. DMS has a solid product offering which includes Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-ons, utilities and consulting services. Mark Hamblin, President of DMS, knew there was market share in the manufacturing industry that he could take but he was missing an effective marketing strategy to support current sales efforts. As a result sales seemed to be spending a lot of effort on lower quality leads that were never going turn into sales opportunities.

The Challenge

DMS identified several challenges for which he sought a solution:

  1. How can DMS increase the ratio of product sales to services work?
  2. How can DMS build perceived value for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV products they have developed?
  3. How can the DMS sales team be more effective?
  4. With a limited marketing budget, how can DMS know what is working and what isn’t?
  5. How can DMS streamline the complex B2B sales cycle?

The Solution:

Mark Hamblin knew that the area to focus on for growth is in sales and marketing and because in-house expertise was lacking, Mark Hamblin looked to ActiveDEMAND for a solution. Hamblin knew the team at ActiveDEMAND and was aware of its ability to reduce marketing costs and enable companies to deliver results without a great deal of training. As a result ActiveDEMAND was integrated to provide a sales and marketing solution to meet his challenges.
Based on the sales and DMS’s marketing plan, DMS executed a website upgrade that focused on lead generation and increasing traffic. With clear and strategic call-to-actions and well implemented Search Engine Optimization (SEO) details, the DMS website was set to generate better qualified leads for the sales team.
Next, DMS deployed a strategy to increase the exposure in the marketplace. This was done by creating daily content relevant to potential DMS customers and posting the content strategically on social media sites and on the DMS website.
ActiveDEMAND was the essential tool used to execute, track, and manage all customer and lead nurture marketing programs and follow-up.

The Results:

Immediately, DMS was seeing results from the JumpDEMAND online marketing strategy and after 30 days the initial month end report demonstrated positive results. Web site traffic was up, DMS was ranking well in search engine results for specific keywords, and web site visitors were converting into sales leads. Specifically:

  • Within two months website traffic increase 313%
  • Leads from website increased a whopping 660%
  • DMS Sales became more focused
  • Hamblin was able to track sales engagement with leads and performance

“Without a doubt the results using ActiveDEMAND have had a demonstrable impact on my business. The full funnel engagement approach works. The level of quality and consistency that the ActiveDEMAND Marketing Automation platform brings is unparalleled.” -Mark Hamblin

About Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions

Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions (DMS) is a leader in Operational Productivity Improvement through the efficient implementation of Microsoft Navision/Dynamics NAV ERP business systems. DMS has focused their efforts on helping Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Distribution Companies get the most out of Microsoft Navision/Dynamics NAV ERP. This focus has helped DMS build up a depth of expertise not only in the constant evolving Microsoft and IT technology, it has helped DMS truly understand the impact a business system can have on a Manufacturing, Warehousing, or Distribution company. This experience has made DMS a leader in project execution and technology development.