Case Study: LeaderOne


LeaderOne is a financial institution (FI) in the US that provides mortgages and home refinancing.


LeaderOne needed to free up loan officers and salespeople from small, repetitive tasks, as well as provide a better way of consistently facilitating a more personal relationship with referral partners and direct clients. LeaderOne had tried another marketing automation platform before but found it was too limited in functionality so they moved to ActiveDEMAND.

Greg Selters, LeaderOne: “We had another automation system before, but it was too limited. I wanted an automation system that could do everything, and ActiveDEMAND was the only solution we found that allows us to do everything.”


LeaderOne deployed ActiveDEMAND along with the Pipedrive CRM. With their ActiveDEMAND + Pipedrive combo, LeaderOne could:

  • Nurture new leads over long sales cycles
  • Build out new email marketing campaigns
  • Integrate their marketing campaigns with Pipedrive
  • Post activities from ActiveDEMAND to Pipedrive for salespeople to take action on
    • Reminders about birthdays, anniversaries, follow up calls, etc.
    • Meeting reminders to sales that includes clients’ favorite drinks and snacks: If the client likes Pepsi and snickers, LeaderOne has that ready for them in for the meeting.
  • Synchronize data between ActiveDEMAND and Pipedrive
  • Customer sales cycle by loan officer (LO)
  • Build on referrals

Greg continues, “Support has been excellent. Sometimes I ask about some feature that I’d like and instead of a “no”, they frequently add the feature.”

Listen to our podcast interview with Greg from LeaderOne

About LeaderOne

Founded in 1992 in Kansas City, we are rooted in the Midwestern values of respect, keeping your word, and treating people fairly. We started with a staff of one local mortgage lender, whose goal was to grow into a mortgage company known for its ethics and stellar customer service. As LeaderOne expanded into more than 70 branches and over 500 employees, we have maintained those principles, allowing us to provide our clients and referral partners with exceptional mortgage experiences. LeaderOne’s highly qualified mortgage professionals are currently originating over a billion dollars in mortgages annually and servicing over $600 million in conventional and government loans.

About ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing platform built for businesses to help them easily create, execute, and track marketing engagement of their campaigns. Providing powerful features such as webinar integration, advanced appointment scheduling, and personalization tools, it is built and priced for businesses to effectively market and grow their business.   See what ActiveDEMAND can do for your company. Start Your Free Trial today.