Case Study: Enliven


Enliven helps hospitals, airports, restaurants, and other large property owners negotiate and manage exclusive pouring rights contracts (beverage deals) with Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and other major beverage companies. In the process, they bring unprecedented transparency, cost savings, and sponsorship revenue to their clients.


Enliven had been using Pipedrive and another marketing automation vendor, but they were finding challenges with email deliverability through the other vendor.

Tim Harms, Managing Director: “We couldn’t see anything wrong with how we were sending emails, but our deliverability and email open rates were terrible. We tried to get engage with our marketing automation provider but they just weren’t willing to work with us and help. Customer support was really lacking and the interface was clunky.”


Pipedrive recommended using ActiveDEMAND due to the seamless integration and emphasized that together, they form a remarkable marketing and sales power platform.

Tim Harms, “The difference once we switched to ActiveDEMAND was immediate. They offered an approach and advice and our email open rate and deliverability skyrocketed. I really liked the affordability of the options and that I could tinker with new features without being a coder.”

With the Pipedrive+ActiveDEMAND combo, Enliven could:

Tim continues, “If I had to say anything, it’d be that we’ve been thrilled with the service levels; that was an unexpected feature. We had a big snafu and you guys jumped all over it. You really won our loyalty that day. You guys have always gone the extra mile to help us out.”

About Enliven

Every client is unique, and no beverage program is the same. For every engagement, we design and follow a highly scripted playbook based on our five-step framework, custom-tailored to achieve your goals and to successfully navigate the many pitfalls of beverage negotiations. We want to dramatically increase how much money you make – or save – with respect to beverages. And then we want to take a small percentage of that new money that we earned for you. That’s our pay-for-performance model. It ensures that our incentives are aligned. It’s why our clients think of us as a true strategic business partner and not just a vendor.

About ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing platform built for businesses to help them easily create, execute, and track the marketing engagement of their campaigns. Providing powerful features such as webinar integration, advanced appointment scheduling, and personalization tools, it is built and priced for businesses to effectively market and grow their business. See what ActiveDEMAND can do for your company. Start Your Free Trial today.