ActiveDEMAND™ Helps POD Marketing Achieve 400% Customer Growth

POD Marketing, Calgary based digital marketing agency, has achieved over 400% customer growth since they began using the ActiveDEMAND integrated marketing automation platform.

POD Marketing is an effective digital marketing agency focusing on clients in clearly defined marketing segments to help grow their business. POD Marketing uses the ActiveDEMAND marketing automation platform to template their marketing execution offering, reduce marketing costs, and deliver immense value to their clients by way of agency automation.

ActiveDEMAND agency marketing software is an integrated marketing platform designed for the digital marketing agency. ActiveDEMAND components like call tracking, real-time personalization features, dynamic web content and integrated appointment scheduling give digital agencies a competitive advantage by helping deliver and demonstrate real value to their clients.

How POD Marketing Did It

“A key differentiation for POD Marketing is our concept of collaboration. Our ‘pod’ style approach to marketing allows our team of experts to take concepts and execution plans that are working for one business and apply it to others.” said Kevin Wilhelm, President of POD Marketing “ActiveDEMAND not only allows us to streamline that execution, it has the right mix of features our customer segments need. Over the time we’ve been using the platform we have seen our client base grow over four-fold.”

“POD Marketing is an excellent example of the customer growth a top performing digital agency can achieve with ActiveDEMAND – not only for themselves but also for their clients.”, says Sean Leonard, CEO at ActiveDEMAND. “Marketing automation is most effective when it is used by marketers, like the POD Marketing team, to match up the ActiveDEMAND functionality that best meets their individual customer needs. An agency that not only understands how each business should be presented, but can deliver on that promise, makes customers for life.”

“ActiveDEMAND definitely helps create ‘stickiness’ for our agency – that is building retainer relationships. Every client we have uses some aspect of the platform – call tracking, web forms, automated follow-up campaigns and more.” added Wilhelm “Once clients realize the added value ActiveDEMAND allows us to provide as an agency partner, they can’t imagine doing business without us.”

About POD Marketing

POD Marketing is a full-service marketing agency, providing robust solutions to clients across North America. Founded in 2014, POD Marketing has continued to experience substantial year over year growth as their unique approach to marketing has provided them a foundation for client success. To learn more, visit

About ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND is an integrated marketing platform built for digital marketing agencies to help them easily create, execute, and track the performance of marketing campaigns for their clients. Digital agencies establish a competitive advantage by delivering and demonstrating real value to clients. As a scalable solution, small and large companies appreciate the flexibility of the ActiveDEMAND platform to accommodate each of their clients and easily scale as business grows.