Whisper Messages

Online and Offline Campaign Attribution

Online and Offline Campaign Attribution

Whisper messages communicate useful information about which campaigns are driving phone calls.

You Create The Whisper Message

You Create The Whisper Message

The whisper message can be anything you want - tailor it to your needs.

Tailor Your Message and Measure Success

Whisper messages are a great feature that shows which marketing campaign initiated a phone call, and help your sales people be prepared to engage with every caller…even before the call starts. This powerful knowledge gives you real-time feedback – telling you which channel or marketing campaign your call is coming from.


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Attribute Calls to Campaigns

Our call whisper message service provides pre-call information to the operator before the call is connected, and may contain the context for each call to maximize conversion opportunities; a call whisper message could be: “Another lead from the website display ad” or “Another lead from the popular affiliate.”

Measure Campaign Success

Whisper messages enable businesses to measure the success of their marketing campaigns by identifying which campaign the phone number was assigned to (billboard advertisements, online ads, et al). The robust tracking and reporting tools within ActiveDEMAND presents the data of the campaigns driving the calls – providing you with valuable information, specifically, which campaigns are a success.

Tailor Message for Relevancy

Whisper messages are the final stage of relaying key lead scoring information from an automated system to the live recipients at the end of the phone line. As such, they help connect key dots for a clearer picture of a caller’s wants, needs and preferences. With this powerful knowledge, the sales message can be tailored specifically to each caller, improving customer communication, and growing sales.

Whisper messages are a great way to quickly discover which marketing campaign prompted a phone call, which in turn helps the marketer or business owner tailor their approach for every caller – even before the call begins. This real-time feedback into which marketing campaigns are driving calls is invaluable during digital marketing efforts, but more importantly it provides an informational head-start of sorts that helps a sales team close more business.

ActiveDEMAND’s call whisper message feature is easily customized to your business requirements – it can be as broad or as specific as you like, and can be turned on and off for individual numbers. If you are a marketer providing a call tracking solution to your clients, you could use the whisper message to announce to the operator, “Another lead from your company!” This will reinforce your client’s brand and its ability to drive telephone calls.


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