Automated SMS/Text Messaging Campaigns

ActiveDEMAND SMS/Text Messaging Campaigns

ActiveDEMAND SMS/Text Messaging Campaigns

ActiveDEMAND's SMS/Text Messaging capability get's you in-front of people with your brand, products and services.

One More Way to Connect With Prospects & Customers

ActiveDEMAND’s SMS/Text Messaging capability gives marketers a reliable method with a high exposure factor to get in-front of people with their brand, products and services. ActiveDEMAND makes it easy to set-up and execute SMS campaigns that drive conversions (aka results).

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Increase Customer Engagement with SMS

SMS campaigns are not just a one way message. When done right, SMS campaigns engage customers and help initiate conversations. SMS campaigns are a great way to reach out millennials. Popular SMS campaigns include vouchers, discounts, promotions and even birthday messages.

Complement Other Marketing Channels

Any marketer can tell you that it’s important to repeat marketing messages across a breadth of channels. SMS campaigns combined with email marketing can increase open and click-through rates. For example, sending a text to an email recipient asking “have you read our email?” has proven effective.

SMS Campaigns are Direct and Immediate

Compare an average email open rate of 40% to an opt-in list versus an SMS campaign with a read rate of 97%, you’ll see why SMS campaigns are a great marketing tool. Most SMS messages are read within 15 minutes of delivery!

ActiveDEMAND SMS/Text campaigns don’t require any special equipment. Simply create an ActiveDEMAND account, import your list of opted-in contacts, create your message and go! It’s that simple. All SMS campaigns are backed by comprehensive reporting that enables marketing to monitor, track and improve.
With ActiveDEMAND’s built-in contact database, marketers will easily segment their contacts to create very targeted and personalized text messages. With the continuous rise in mobile phones, SMS campaigns are a must have in any marketers toolbox. Start your ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking account for free today!

Get Started with ActiveDEMAND SMS/Text Messaging Campaigns

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5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"We have been searching for a platform that is multi-use, a jack of all trades, and we have found it within ActiveDEMAND."

Sarah G., Project Coordinator at ClearMotive Marketing Group

5-star   Reviews by Capterra

"Customer service and response time is excellent. I don't think these guys ever sleep."

Bev M., CFO at CETA