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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

Using a drag-and-drop interface, easily create workflows to define a 'lead' and import it automatically into Salesforce.

ActiveDEMAND Continues the CRM Integration Game with Salesforce

ActiveDEMAND now integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, much like the Pipedrive integration, to synergize a powerful sales and marketing “power platform.” This means managers and other users of Salesforce now have the opportunity to “supercharge” the application, taking the concept of optimizing ActiveDEMAND for small and medium-sized businesses to a whole new level.


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Fill the Void Between Marketing and Sales

With ActiveDEMAND and Salesforce, you will find yourself implementing effective marketing campaigns that generate leads – and that turn into Salesforce opportunities – while constructing brand awareness. Further, the ActiveDEMAND platform allows for access to email campaigns, landing pages, web forms, autoresponders, templates, surveys, call tracking and more.

Send Those Prospects Down the Sales Funnel by Configuring Workflows

The party isn’t over once a lead is generated through ActiveDEMAND’s integrated marketing platform – in fact, this advanced system constantly communicates with Salesforce to send prospects through your sales funnel, not only automating the deal progression but putting an end to drip campaigns as well.

Remain in Sync…Automatically

When used with Salesforce, the ActiveDEMAND integrated marketing platform eliminates the efforts associated with trying to sync your marketing leads with sales. Leads are automatically ported into Salesforce and can even be distributed via email to your sales team as an alternative. In this way, sales teams can then “claim” the lead with one click of a button.

There really is no reason to continue wondering whether your deal actually closed or not. By taking advantage of the ActiveDEMAND/Salesforce integration, you in turn will get more from your Salesforce CRM…and, what’s more, with the ActiveDEMAND integrated marketing platform for small businesses, you will generate leads to help fill your Salesforce funnel with opportunities.

Because the term “lead” means different things to different people in sales, ActiveDEMAND provides a wizard that allows you to easily define what the word means to you. Does it have to do with a specific location? Do you think of it as a series of completed calls-to-action? With ActiveDEMAND, you establish the definition of “lead” and the system monitors for them – when one is generated, you’re alerted…and so is Salesforce.

Discover for yourself, right now, why ActiveDEMAND + Salesforce = A fully integrated sales and marketing automation solution.

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What others are saying about ActiveDEMAND

5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"Love the user interface, easy to understand and use. Great service, very attentive to details. Very nice integration to WordPress."

Brock C., Business Development at DMS

5-star   Reviews by Software Advice

"The staff at ActiveDemand are quick to help and provide the tools we need. They are very patient and really easy to work with. It's really nice to see a company focusing on constantly improving their products."

Kelly H., Information Technology Manager at DTE