ActiveDEMAND Sales User Account

ActiveDEMAND Accelerates the Sales Process

ActiveDEMAND not only automates marketing for pre-sales activities, the ActiveDEMAND Sales User account has features to directly accelerate the sales process for Corporate Marketer Accounts. Sales Users get access to tools that make salespeople more productive and save time.

Create your ActiveDEMAND Account

Power up your Corporate Marketer Account.

ActiveDEMAND Sales Users are an add-on for accounts with a Corporate Marketer subscription. Sales Users get access to tools that make salespeople more productive and save time. Features include Power Dialer, Call Completion templates, adding contacts to email drip campaigns and more.

More than a Power Dialer

The ActiveDEMAND Power Dialer is a sales powerhouse. Create call lists of sales prospects to contact. Prospect marketing insights are at your fingertips and integrated appointment scheduling makes next steps easy.  Got voicemail? Call completion templates let you drop one of your pre-recorded voicemails, or send personalized SMS texts or emails. Unlimited outbound calls to the US and Canada made via the ActiveDEMAND Chrome Plugin.

Everything Stays Sync’d…Automatically

The ActiveDEMAND integrated marketing platform, when used with your CRM, eliminates the pains of trying to sync your sales call leads. Sales notes, recorded calls and transcripts can be automatically added to your CRM.

Outbound call tracking

Sales is a contact sport. If you are emailing, you are not talking. Unlike other marketing automation packages, ActiveDEMAND also includes call tracking capabilities. Click to call your prospects from within your CRM.


5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"The most complete analytics, lead tracking, landing/email/automation platform I've come across..."

Eric D., Marketing Professional at Dawe & Gardner Legal Marketing

5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"We now have a much more efficient marketing machine. The lead comes in and is automatically fed into our automated system. It's excellent."

Cameron M. Director at POD Marketing