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ActiveDEMAND Predictive Personalization

ActiveDEMAND Predictive Personalization

Automatically display call-to-actions, pop-ups, and web elements that speak specifically to the web visitor.

Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Content Marketing

ActiveDEMAND predictive personalization does your content targeting automatically. ActiveDEMAND understands the interests of your prospects based on how they interact with your inbound and outbound marketing efforts. Based on a person’s profile, ActiveDEMAND serves up the most relevant content. The result… more conversions, more leads and more sales.

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No More Segmenting Contact Lists

Traditionally, targeted marketing campaigns created and maintaining lists of contacts that meet specific attributes. With ActiveDEMAND predictive personalization peoples interests are mapped automatically to the content you offer. Deliver more effective content and save an enormous amount of time not building lists.

Automatically Target Content

A key to marketing is delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. ActiveDEMAND Predictive Personalization automatically displays call-to-actions, popups, and web elements that speak specifically to the web visitor. The same thinking can be applied to phone calls and live chats.

Build Profiles from Phone Calls

With ActiveDEMAND Predictive Personalization a contact’s interests is dynamically created based on the person’s activity. This includes phone calls. ActiveDEMAND’s Call Tracking uses CallForensics™ to analyze conversations and build a profile of interests for each caller.

ActiveDEMAND’s Predictive Personalization is a win-win for both marketers and consumers. Consumers receive marketing messages that are relevant to them. When messages are relevant, there is perceived value. For marketers, not only is there a huge time savings in segmenting audiences but only relevant messages are being delivered. This in turn increases conversions, leads and ultimately sales. For digital marketing agencies who manage multiple clients, the benefits of predictive personalization is even bigger. It is a challenge to have an in-depth understanding a client’s business. With ActiveDEMAND, agencies don’t need to try and become subject-matter-experts.

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5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

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Carl H., Chief Commercial Officer at RelinkLabs

5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

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Eric D., Marketing Professional at Dawe & Gardner Legal Marketing