ActiveDEMAND integrates seamlessly with Olark to create a remarkable marketing and customer service power-platform

Make the most out of your website visitor engagement!

ActiveDEMAND has partnered with Olark live chat software to enhance your website users’ experience with live chat for websites. All chats are logged in ActiveDEMAND so you can create autoresponders, drip campaigns and other workflows triggered from live chats.
No special setup needed! If you have an Olark account associated with your website, ActiveDEMAND takes care of the integration!

“At Olark we pride ourselves on our live chat software to connect companies with customers. The integration of ActiveDEMAND and Olark creates a powerful team by combining human engagement, automated personalization, and data tracking for the ultimate customer experience.”
- Ben Congleton, Cheif Executive Olarker, Olark
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Connect Instantly With Your Prospects and Customers

Olark Live Chat is the fastest way to connect and make an impact with your website visitors. Connecting in a timely fashion is one of the best ways to identify new opportunities and provide great customer service.

Initiate Conversations and Increase Conversions

ActiveDEMAND coupled with Olark Live Chat means you don’t have to wait for website visitors to ask questions. Get real-time alerts when customers are on call-to-action pages and initiate an online conversation with them.

Chats Are A Great Lead Source

With ActiveDEMAND and Olark Live Chat you automatically drive leads to your sales team or CRM.

Unprecedented Visualization

Integrating live chat on your website is dirt simple. Just sign-up for an Olark account and add a short line of text on the pages of your website where you want to offer the live chat and you’re done. With Olark live chat you’ll see exactly who is on your website in real time. You can initiate a chat or wait until a website visitor has a question to ask. At the end of the chat session, everything is logged in ActiveDEMAND. You can decide exactly what happens with the contact. For example, you can notify sales automatically, send a follow-up email or put them in a drip campaign.


Drive Automation With A Chat

Imagine the world where the chat conversation continues once the prospect leaves the site. With ActiveDEMAND and Olark, this is possible! Based on what was discussed in the chat, you can automatically trigger marketing automation personal journey workflows!


Automatically Detect Contact Information In Chat!

Reduce the friction required to get contact information. ActiveDEMAND automatically parses all communications and understands when contact information is typed in the middle of the chat!! ActiveDEMAND is always watching and listening in on the conversation. You now have all history and interests detected within one place!

Dynamically Adapt Your Website To Detected Interests

Use ActiveDEMAND’s real-time behavioral segmentation system to detect interests within a chat and automatically adapt your:

What others are saying about ActiveDEMAND

5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"It is a great tool for online marketing. Specifically, the call tracking capabilities are outstanding. We needed a solution that not only tracked and routed calls, we needed a solution that would help us drive our marketing initiatives. The Email marketing, landing pages, website visitor tracking, and social posting capabilities are added bonuses for us. ActiveDEMAND has all of the marketing tools in one package. Outstanding!"

Susan Feddema-Leonard, Executive Director, Willmore Wilderness Foundation

5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"ActiveDEMAND templates are awesome. I like that I can configure different base brands and then apply the brand to my email campaigns, landing pages, autoresponders, etc. The branding helps keep things consistent and looking great. The call tracking feature is also very good. I am able to get more insight into what marketing campaigns are generating phone calls versus those that are not. The reporting is very robust so I can see how my efforts are impacting the bottom line."

Jennifer Owen, VP of Sales & Marketing, WRA