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Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

Marketers have full control over lead scores. Base lead scores off of activity, contact profile fields, location, etc.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

ActiveDEMAND provides an easy-to-use interface making lead scoring easy.

Deliver More High Quality Leads

ActiveDEMAND Lead Scoring Software allows marketers to track prospect behaviors and web activity, so they can determine the prospect’s level of engagement and their fit with the desired customer profile. Data on both factors is needed for truly, qualified sale ready leads.

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Provide Measurable ROI on Lead Generation Programs

Automatically score and grade prospects and follow up with only those leads that meet the target customer profile. ActiveDEMAND’s advanced lead scoring gives marketers the ability to prioritize and qualify leads, increasing ROI.

Improve Conversion Rates

ActiveDEMAND provides key demographics on position, industry and company size to determine whether the prospect fits a target audience. With accurate lead scoring, marketers can provide targeted, relevant material at the time the prospect needs it, greatly enhancing conversion rates.

Align Sales and Marketing

ActiveDEMAND empowers marketers to gather essential details and customize the weighting applied to leads based on common denominators – who is ready to buy or have advanced down the sales funnel. Having a clearly defined, discreet criteria both sales and marketing agree on is critical to proper alignment.

For sales teams that rely on leads from marketing and end up chasing contacts where there is no opportunity, ActiveDEMAND has the answer. ActiveDEMAND equips both marketers and sales people with a fully-configurable online lead scoring application. ActiveDEMAND lets you define what a lead is and then does the work to filter sales ready leads from those that still require nurturing.

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What others are saying about ActiveDEMAND

5-star   Reviews by Capterra

"With ActiveDEMAND, everything is in one spot and integrated. We can easily see what marketing campaigns are working and what needs to be adjusted."

Jennifer O., VP of Sales & Marketing at White Room Automation

5-star   Reviews by Capterra

"We've been using ActiveDemand for over a year and have been very pleased with the results. It was easy to import our existing contacts into the database and build email campaigns targeted to our specific needs. The staff excels at customer service, guiding us through any questions we have and responding to our needs within a very short time period."

Gary C., Marketing Manager at DTE