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Dynamic Landing Pages that Convert

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Select from ActiveDEMAND's library of landing page templates.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Customize any landing page or start from scratch with your own design.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Add different content blocks to your landing pages. Create your own content blocks and save them to the library.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Preview your responsive landing page in different screen sized.

Better Campaign Results With Dynamic Landing Pages

For marketers that are not satisfied with the results of their online marketing efforts, dynamically adapting landing pages from ActiveDEMAND help significantly improve campaign results. Unlike other landing pages that are static, displaying the same content to every visitor, ActiveDEMAND dynamic landing pages dynamically adapt to the visitor. As a marketer, you can have ActiveDEMAND landing pages dynamically adapt to the visitor current session.

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Quick and Easy to Create

ActiveDEMAND’s landing page wizard makes it quick and easy to create targeted landing pages for all your online promotions.

Responsive Design For All Your Prospect’s Devices

Unlike other landing page applications that only create a fixed size landing page, ActiveDEMAND’s dynamic landing pages are fully responsive. This means your landing page looks great on a computer, tablet, smart phone and other devices.

Maximize Conversions with Dynamic Web Content

Create adaptive landing pages that are a strategic combination of web design and digital marketing with the end goal of maximizing your conversions and increasing your sales. Inject the right contextual content based on the adgroup, keyword, referring host, geo-location, etc to drive up conversion rates.

Landing Pages

Significantly increase conversions for events, product specials, pay-per-click campaigns and more. ActiveDEMAND landing pages are part of a complete integrated marketing automation platform that includes the tools you need to manage your entire online marketing campaigns.

ActiveDEMAND Landing Pages provide fully dynamic content

With ActiveDEMAND you can have the landing page dynamically adapt to the visitor! For example:

  • Keyword search term
  • Adgroup click
  • Geo-IP location
  • Any previous web history you have collected on the prospect

With ActiveDEMAND you can dynamically adapt the landing page to focus the content based on the adword keyword search. For example, if you are targeting competitor keywords with your ads, your landing page can display content that ties directly to what the prospect searched for. Unlike other dynamic content solutions that only allow you to change text, ActiveDEMAND gives you the full control to completely adapt any component of the landing page based on the context of the visit!

Dynamically Optimized For

Dynamic Website Content

Get started with Landing Pages

What others are saying about ActiveDEMAND

5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"Active Demand allows us to deliver very specific marketing messages to our customers and easily measure their response. This enables us to tailor our messaging based on real data. All of this without breaking stride in delivering serve to our customers."

Ryan P., Administrator at WRA

5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"ActiveDEMAND templates are awesome. I like that I can configure different base brands and then apply the brand to my email campaigns, landing pages, autoresponders, etc. The branding helps keep things consistent and looking great. The call tracking feature is also very good. I am able to get more insight into what marketing campaigns are generating phone calls versus those that are not. The reporting is very robust so I can see how my efforts are impacting the bottom line."

Jennifer 0., VP of Sales & Marketing at WRA