Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response

With ActiveDEMAND it is quick and simple to create an IVR.

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response

ActiveDEMAND gives you the power to create menus, surveys and marketing IVRs.

Get the RIGHT Phone to Ring

“Press 1 for sales”, “Press 2 for marketing”… and so on. If this sounds familiar then you know what an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is. With ActiveDEMAND, you’ll easily configure an IVR with a free call tracking account. Why would you want to? It’s proven that IVRs get the ‘right’ phone to ring. Get customers and prospects connected to the right person or department quickly. ActiveDEMAND IVRs are very versatile and accommodate multiple office locations as well as help businesses build a local presence anywhere in the world.


Configure your first IVR

Filter Out Bad Metrics

With an ActiveDEMAND IVR you’ll collect much cleaner call tracking data by eliminating automated (Robocalls) incoming calls. Robocalls skew campaign performance data. With an IVR, you eliminate Robocall data and get a true picture of what incoming calls your marketing campaigns are producing.

Improved Call Routing

An ActiveDEMAND IVR helps you route calls to the right person or department. Incoming callers can be directed to a specific geographically located office, to different numbers based on time of day, based on referring source and more. Calls can also be sent to a group of people for a first-come-first-serve approach.

Add a Touch of Professionalism

ActiveDEMAND’s IVR feature enables companies to handle high call volume, prioritize calls and add a touch of professionalism to their business. Simply upload your MP3 recording to guide users through your IVR menu. It’s that simple.

ActiveDEMAND’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in included for free with an ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking account. There’s no need to buy additional hardware or services to create a very powerful IVR. With ActiveDEMAND, you’ll get more than just an IVR, you also get a full suite of call tracking features including dashboard reports, call-routing, call forensics, call recording, click-to-call and more. Instead of wondering how this all works, perhaps it’s time you experience how using call tracking provides a better way to manage and track marketing campaigns. Create your free ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking account today!


Configure your first IVR

What others are saying about ActiveDEMAND

5-star   Reviews by Capterra

"We've been using ActiveDemand for over a year. I've been very pleased with the support that we receive from the staff. They are always quick to answer questions. Since we were fairly new to marketing, they are really good to explain concepts and guide us in our efforts. Our business and online presence has definitely improved since we've partnered with them."

Kelly Hicks, Information Technology Manager, DTE

5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"My customers leads have been amazing!"

Master Chris, Owner, Absolute Taekwondo