Freshsales CRM Marketing Automation Integration

Freshsales CRM Marketing Automation Integration

Filling the Freshsales CRM via ActiveDEMAND Leads

Now integrating seamlessly with Freshsales CRM to synergize a formidable marketing and sales “power platform”, ActiveDEMAND’s Freshsales CRM Marketing Automation Integration opens the doors for managers and users of the Freshsales CRM so that they may supercharge the application. What’s more, just like Freshsales CRM, ActiveDEMAND is a platform businesses can REALLY use.

Create your ActiveDEMAND Account

Bridge the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

With ActiveDEMAND’s Freshsales CRM Marketing Automation, you’ll execute effective marketing campaigns that not only build brand awareness but generate leads that turn into Freshsales CRM opportunities. ActiveDEMAND enables access to email campaigns, landing pages, drip campaigns, autoresponders, web forms, surveys, templates, call tracking and much more.

Configure Workflows to Move Prospects Through the Sales Funnel

The fun doesn’t stop once a lead is generated through ActiveDEMAND. This advanced integrated platform constantly communicates with Freshsales CRM to move prospects through your sales funnel, automating the deal progression and putting the brakes on drip campaigns.

Everything Stays Sync’d…Automatically

The ActiveDEMAND integrated marketing platform, when used with Freshsales CRM, eliminates the pains of trying to sync your marketing leads with sales. Leads are automatically ported into Freshsales CRM and, alternatively, can be distributed via email to your sales team that can then “claim” the lead with one click of a button.

ActiveDEMAND and Freshsales: An Unbeatable Team!

Stop wondering if your deal closed by taking advantage of the ActiveDEMAND Marketing Automation for Freshsales  and in turn get more from your CRM. With ActiveDEMAND, the ultimate integrated marketing automation platform for small businesses, you will generate leads to help fill your Freshsales funnel with opportunities; indeed, in the realm of marketing, we all know that to ask six different people to define the term “lead” means to get six different responses…because everyone is different with their own specific requirements. ActiveDEMAND actually provides a wizard that enables you to easily define what a lead means to you…is it title-based? Grounded in a location? Does it come in the form of a series of completed call-to-actions? With ActiveDEMAND, you define a lead and the system watches for them – when a lead is generated, you’re alerted and so is Freshsales. Discover for yourself, right now, why ActiveDEMAND + Freshsales = A fully integrated sales and marketing automation team.

Control your Email Lists from within Freshsales

Finally, a Freshsales CRM marketing automation package that puts you in control over your automation. Switch drip email campaigns based on deal stage changes, custom field changes, even how long an deal stays in one stage! ActiveDEMAND makes sales automation possible for all Freshsales CRM users. Unparalleled data integration. If you are used to setting up custom fields in Freshsales CRM, it is the same process in ActiveDEMAND!

Automate Deal Stage Progression

With ActiveDEMAND you have full control over when and at what stage a lead becomes an opportunity in Freshsales CRM. Using ActiveDEMAND’s lead processing workflows, you control what stage a deal is created at based on the context of the prospect. Use ActiveDEMAND’s powerful lead scoring software to ensure your sales team are engaging with the right leads!

Freshsales Marketing Automation Workflows

See Email Engagement Activity in Freshsales

Who says sales and marketing cannot be better integrated? Give your sales people the tools they need to succeed. Better data = more sales. See EVERY email open and email link click right in Freshsales CRM.

Marketing Automation Email Engagement in Freshsales CRM

Outbound call tracking

Sales is a contact sport. If you are emailing, you are not talking. Unlike other marketing automation packages, ActiveDEMAND also includes call tracking capabilities. Click to call your prospects from within Freshsales CRM.

Outbound Call Tracking

Manage Your Sales Appointments

ActiveDEMAND is a full featured appointment scheduling system. Stop using a ‘contact us’ form, upgrade to “Book an Appointment”

Appointment Scheduling

What others are saying about ActiveDEMAND

5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"ActiveDEMAND templates are awesome. I like that I can configure different base brands and then apply the brand to my email campaigns, landing pages, autoresponders, etc. The branding helps keep things consistent and looking great. The call tracking feature is also very good. I am able to get more insight into what marketing campaigns are generating phone calls versus those that are not. The reporting is very robust so I can see how my efforts are impacting the bottom line."

Jennifer Owen, VP of Sales & Marketing, WRA

5-star   Reviews by Capterra

"Customer service and response time is excellent. I don't think these guys ever sleep."

Bev Meeha, CFO, CETA