Exit Intent Popups

ActiveDEMAND Exit Intent PopUps

ActiveDEMAND Exit Intent PopUps

No coding required. Select a template from our library - ready to edit and publish.

ActiveDEMAND Exit Intent PopUps

ActiveDEMAND Exit Intent PopUps

Manage pop-up conditions such as when the pop-up should appear, how often, on what type of device and more.

ActiveDEMAND Exit Intent PopUps

ActiveDEMAND Exit Intent PopUps

Control the animation preferences in the Animation panel and preview before saving.

Increase Conversions With Personalized Exit Intent Popups and Popovers

Targeting is everything. Does your exit intent popups solution target by visitor location? Adgroup/keyword click? Do your exit intent popups inject the buyers name/company logo? ActiveDEMAND takes popup to another level while keeping it simple to manage and deploy. ActiveDEMAND gives marketers complete control (aka: no IT people needed), allows for personalization and multi-variate testing. The result? A significant increase in lift!

Attention-Grabber with Personalization

ActiveDEMAND popups are sync’d with your marketing database and so ads are dynamically personalized. Personalization and context aware content creates a conversation and that’s good for conversions.

No Need for IT

As marketers it can become frustrating making alterations to websites. Having to consult the IT department for simple changes is a waste of your time and theirs. With ActiveDEMAND Exit Popups you have complete control over all your popups so you can make changes quickly.

Optimize with Multi-Variate Testing

ActiveDEMAND enables marketers to test different popup ads to maximize the conversion. Simply create the different popup ad versions and ActiveDEMAND takes care of the rest. We’ll tell you which one is the winner.

Popups have received a bad reputation over the years however that’s because of the unscrupulous tactics used. When done right, exit popups are very effective tools to help move prospects through the marketing funnel.

With ActiveDEMAND, marketers have complete control over the popup conditions, animation, close conditions, style and layout. Choose a template from a library or create your own using ActiveDEMAND’s drag-and-drop interface.

What others are saying about ActiveDEMAND

5-star   Reviews by Capterra

"We've been using ActiveDemand for over a year. I've been very pleased with the support that we receive from the staff. They are always quick to answer questions. Since we were fairly new to marketing, they are really good to explain concepts and guide us in our efforts. Our business and online presence has definitely improved since we've partnered with them."

Kelly H., Information Technology Manager at DTE

5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"Simple to implement and execute marketing automation campaigns. New functionality added all the time. Excellent customer service!"

Carl H., Chief Commercial Officer at RelinkLabs