Create Your Own or Select From the Template Library.

Create Your Own or Select From the Template Library.

Setting up an eNewsletter Campaign is easy whether created from scratch or with the ActiveDEMAND template library.

Editing is Simple. No Coding Required.

Editing is Simple. No Coding Required.

The ActiveDEMAND editor makes building or changing your eNewsletter simple.

Schedule Your Send With a Click.

Schedule Your Send With a Click.

Schedule your eNewsletter for a single send or create a multiple send campaign.

Stay Top-Of-Mind With Your Company & Brand

With an ActiveDEMAND eNewsletter campaign, easily nurture and maintain relationships with your current customer or client base. Stay top-of-mind by offering valuable information, special offers and promotions to your highly targeted audience. eNewsletters communicate directly to your customers and deliver your brand straight to their in-box.

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Nurture and Maintain Relationships

You worked hard to turn the prospect into a customer. Don’t lose them to a competitor due to neglect. An eNewsletter campaign helps you nurture and maintain that relationship. Build trust and loyalty by offering the opportunity for your customers to easily interact with you and for you to encourage a dialog with your customers.

Leverage Other Marketing Campaigns

An ActiveDEMAND eNewsletters campaign is perfect for providing your client or customer base with important information about your business. This includes other promotional offers currently being presented. An eNewsletter campaign provides an excellent forum to bring these additional marketing campaigns in front of your target audience.

Cost Effective and Results Focused

An ActiveDEMAND eNewsletter campaign is cost and time efficient. No programming or coding knowledge is required so setting up a campaign takes no time at all. Schedule to send when it’s best for you. Most importantly, an eNewsletter campaign allows you to track results including Opens, Clicks, Form Completions and more.

Keep your business and brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds with an ActiveDEMAND eNewsletter campaign.

An ActiveDEMAND eNewsletter campaign is simple to set up. Create your own or select from the template library. Add your newsletter’s images and copy, schedule a send date and time, select your email database and your done. Knowledge of programming or web design is not necessary.

You can make your campaigns as simple as a single email. Or segment your contact lists and have different versions of your newsletter go out based on the segmentation. Send a one time email or create a nurture/drip campaign and follow up with a series of related promotional emails.

Integrate your eNewsletter campaign with your other marketing campaigns. With campaign scheduling, automatically update your social media and blog audiences with notifications when the latest edition of your eNewsletter campaign goes out.

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5-star   Reviews by TrustRadius

"We've been able to position our product line better by creating webinars, resource documents, blog postings. This has helped to convey to our customers that we really are knowledgeable and experienced."

Kelly Hicks, Information Technology Manager, DTE

5-star Reviews by GetApp

"I was looking for something different, a competitive advantage for my agency. We are trying to be leading edge and I find ActiveDEMAND provides that to us. I highly recommend trying out the software and seeing how it can help grow your agency.

Kevin Wilhelm, President, POD Marketing