Real-time integration between ActiveDEMAND and El Toro

ActiveDEMAND and El Toro Realtime IP Retargeting

El Toro gives advertisers the ability to target their intended online customer base by onboarding and matching rich ActiveDEMAND customer engagement data with realtime IP address location for true one-to-one marketing.

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Automate El Toro Target Lists with Real-time ActiveDEMAND Data Management

Having visibility into data sources is a valuable tool in determining efficacy of campaigns and assisting with planning future campaigns. Use ActiveDEMAND’s real-time behavioural data to create very targeted audience lists. By providing El Toro with more visibility into the sources of your data they can provide better guidance on what data to use on future campaigns.

Use ActiveDEMAND Data to Drive One-to-One Marketing Strategies

The integration of ActiveDEMAND and El Toro technologies makes one-to-one marketing easier than ever. The biggest advantage is the power of data-driven marketing. By onboarding ActiveDEMAND behavioural data and combining that with precision geo-location knowledge from El Toro, marketers can extend their digital reach and achieve more measurable results.

Supercharge Your Account Based Marketing Strategies

ActiveDEMAND and El Toro integration offers the tools to more effectively use Account Based Marketing. Automatically upload a list of targets to the El Toro portal to deliver digital ads to addresses that match to a physical address or a geo-framed location. Use ActiveDEMAND to craft specific messages to an ‘audience of one’ and El Toro to deliver those messages precisely to the company, and only the company, you want to target.

Dynamic Custom Audiences with El Toro

With ActiveDEMAND you can dynamically adapt ads to the stage of the buyer journey your prospect is in. If your prospect has signed up for a trial, advertise a support session. If they have have purchased your product, automatically move the customer into an upgrade advantages ad campaign. Automate your El Toro IP Targeting audiences within ActiveDEMAND!

ActiveDEMAND and El Toro Integration enables:

  • Highly focused ad targeting.
  • Creation of better segmented lists and finding similar audiences.
  • Increased ROI via narrowed targeting of users that fit your profiles.
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Jon, Entrepreneur, Max International

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