Drip Campaigns

Schedule to Optimize Relevancy.

Schedule to Optimize Relevancy.

Schedule your Drip Campaign when it's most relevant for your prospects at the moment when they are most receptive.

Personalized With Your Brand. No Coding Required.

Personalized With Your Brand. No Coding Required.

The ActiveDEMAND editor makes building or changing your Drip Campaign message simple.

Customize Campaigns for Effectiveness.

Customize Campaigns for Effectiveness.

ActiveDEMAND Drip Campaign workflows can be customized to respond with the most relevancy to each prospect.

Drip Campaigns Turn Interested Prospects into True Leads and Help to Retain Customers

ActiveDEMAND Drip Campaigns make maintaining customer relationships and nurturing prospects to close sales easy. Using the ActiveDEMAND simple drag and drop editor, anyone can create a Drip Campaign, saving time and money. Once activated, the Drip Campaign is automated, marketing your brand and business to your client base or prospects at the moment they are most receptive.


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Your Message When It’s Wanted

To get the best results in marketing, it’s important to send the most relevant messages to the right people at the right time. ActiveDEMAND’s drip campaign workflows make it easy to focus your efforts where they count most, and deliver your message based on a prospect’s actions as they happen.

Keep Your Brand Front and Center

ActiveDEMAND’s easy to setup Drip Campaigns lets you provide valuable content and meet a prospect’s needs at each stage of their buyers journey. You’ll stay top of mind and position your company for the sale.

Personal Touch

Drip campaigns re-enforce a customer’s behavior on your company’s website, previous behavior patterns, timing, and course of action. ActiveDEMAND drip campaigns can be used as a part of email or social media marketing to provides the best way to get relevant and timely content to your customers in a personal manner.

Drip campaigns are used as a function of lead generation and the qualification process. Drip campaign marketing is an automated prospect engagement method that augments personal lead follow-up. New leads are automatically enrolled into a drip campaign that delivers messaging relevant to the your call-to-action. Drip campaigns are also referred to as lead nurturing or nurture campaigns.

In addition to drip campaigns, ActiveDEMAND provides a powerful set of email marketing tools for digital marketing agencies, small businesses and marketers alike. With email templates, responsive design, optimized deliverabilty, attribution reporting and more, ActiveDEMAND provides everything you need to be a successful online marketer.


Set-up your drip campaign now

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