Content Moderation

Maintain Control of your Content

Marketers produce and publish a lot of content. Making mistakes can negatively impact the brand, erodes trust, and could have a negative impact on the business, so process is imperative to success. ActiveDEMAND Corporate Marketer and Agency Partner packages have built in content moderation and approval processes.


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Multiple Content Channels

Content moderation is a system of reviews and approvals you can put in place on important outbound content like; Email, Social posts and Blog Posts when using ActiveDEMAND to post to WordPress.

Enforced Roles and Workflow

Content Moderation has two roles, Content Editors who submit content for approval and Content Moderators who approve specific stories. Content Editors cannot moderate/approve their own content. Moderators can edit content but the system ensures that another moderation will need to approve the final content.

Notifications to Ensure Timely Flow

When content changes happen or when comments are made on content, often the constituents need to know. ActiveDEMAND provides a notification system that allows you to control the notifications. You have control over the notification messages and/or notification triggers.

With centralized content management of social, email, and blog post content, marketing departments can move some of their moderation and approvals out of Slack, email or other channels and into the ActiveDEMAND platform where approvals and moderation are closer to the action.


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5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"ActiveDEMAND is a true partner to DTE. We have enjoyed working with them for the last year. They have made very positive recommendations in our marketing efforts and have helped us grow our business. Their software platform is easy to use and intuitive. I enjoy working with their staff and learning from them."

Kelly Hicks, Information Technology Manager, DTE

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"The staff at ActiveDemand are quick to help and provide the tools we need. They are very patient and really easy to work with. It's really nice to see a company focusing on constantly improving their products."

Kelly Hicks, Information Technology Manager, DTE