Campaign Management Software

Campaign Management

Manage all aspects of your online campaign with one tool.

Campaign Management

Robust reporting to monitor campaign success prove ROI to clients.

Campaign Management

Integrate social media posts within campaigns and track their results.

Campaign Management

With call tracking, offline data can be tracked in conjunction with online advertising.

All the Tools You Need to Create an Online Campaign, In One Place

The most effective online campaign integrates multiple channels all working together. With ActiveDEMAND Campaign Management Software, access and edit email campaigns, landing pages, social media, pay per click ads, call tracking, real-time reporting, and more – all within one robust tool.

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All-In-One Tool Saves Time, Give You Uber Control

An effective online campaign relies on many tools which can be cumbersome to manage and difficult to integrate. ActiveDEMAND merges all these tools together resulting in a more efficient and effective way to build online campaigns.

Robust Reporting

A great campaign is only great if it can be proven. ActiveDEMAND’s reporting dashboards convey the data in real-time. Instantly showing the campaigns that are working and the ones that are not.

Offline Campaigns Too – Call Tracking

Online customers buy with offline technology as well. Complete the online and offline integration with ActiveDEMAND’s Call Tracking. With dynamic number insertion and trackable numbers embedded in offline campaigns, know which ads customers are buying from.

Marketing campaigns utilize many channels and each channel can have its own tool. Why not ease workflow and make the task of managing multiple channels within a campaign simpler and more efficient? With ActiveDEMAND’s Campaign Management, integrate Email Campaigns, Landing Page creation, Social Media, Call Tracking, Pay Per Click Ads and access and edit all within one tool. The Reporting Dashboards makes collecting data from the campaign simple. Know how channels are performing on an individual level and within the campaign itself. Create, execute, collect data, evaluate, and prove to clients’ ROI with one efficient, easy-to-use tool.

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What others are saying about ActiveDEMAND

5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"I was impressed by the product capability and the customer service to explain it. I wish I had more time to learn from these guys they are leaders in this industry!"

Jon J. Entrepreneur at Max International

5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"While ActiveDEMAND can manage and execute many aspects of our online and offline marketing, I appreciate the dashboard reporting and customizable reports and analytics that help us to identify our strengths and opportunities and improve where we need to, on the fly."

Kelli S., Marketing Head