Call Tracking with Google Analytics

Call Tracking with Google Analytics

Call Tracking with Google Analytics

Set-up goals in Google Analytics to do in-depth analytsis of your incoming phone calls.

Call Tracking with Google Analytics

Call Tracking with Google Analytics

With ActiveDEMAND attribution reports you'll see exactly what campaigns are making the phone ring.

Call Tracking with Google Analytics

Call Tracking with Google Analytics

With ActiveDEMAND, you can track which campaigns are generating calls for your sales team.

Filling in the “Google Analytics Data Gap”

While it’s still considered the most popular analytics tool, Google Analytics does not automatically collect and analyze telephone calls associated with a specific marketing campaign. To evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing initiative, it’s vital to encompass call tracking information… that’s where ActiveDEMAND comes in to play. With ActiveDEMAND call tracking when a number associated with a marketing campaign is dialed the data is automatically recorded in Google Analytics.


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Track Calls Generated by a Campaign

ActiveDEMAND will show you which campaigns are making the phone ring. Ignoring phone call data generated by a marketing campaign means such campaigns are not being measured effectively, as incoming phone calls can play a significant role in measuring interest and in many cases can lead to a sales opportunity.

So Simple and Quick to Set Up

Using ActiveDEMAND you can easily associate a phone number with a marketing campaign and then published the phone number in specific online and offline campaigns. When this tracked number is then called, data is automatically logged in Google Analytics for reporting and visualization.

Credit Credit Where Credit is Due

ActiveDEMAND helps marketing managers to truly measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Instead of just reporting online conversions you can now include incoming calls. Incoming calls are generally very hot leads and so quit giving your sales team credit for the call when it was your marketing campaign that created it.

The bottom line is this: Google Analytics is an awesome tool that houses a lot of website data. Google Analytics can be better by including your incoming call data generated by your marketing campaigns. Instead of wondering how this all works, perhaps it’s time you experience how using call tracking provides a more comprehensive view of your marketing efforts by creating your free ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking account today!

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