Call Tracking Numbers

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking

Easily add a tracked number for any type of campaign.

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking

Assign a number to a campaign so data can be attributed to that campaign.

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking

See campaign performance in an instant with reporting dashboards.

Measure Your True Campaign Performance

With ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking Numbers you will see exactly what incoming calls are occurring as a result of your marketing campaigns. Track calls from any campaign; PPC, SEO, social media, display, ad media and even offline advertising. ActiveDEMAND makes it easy set-up a tracked number for any campaign.

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Enhance Your Website Analytics

Use Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) to understand how your website is generating phone calls. With DNI you’ll know the referring sources of the calls generated by your website as well as the caller’s webpage history.

Enhanced Reporting with CallForensics™

ActiveDEMAND takes call tracking to another level with CallForensics™ – conversation analysis that understand the context of the call. Marketers can apply lead scores to incoming calls, filter out the tire kickers automatically and more.

Improve Customer Service and Quality Control

With ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking, recording incoming phone calls doesn’t get any easier. Simply check the “record incoming calls” and you’re all set. In an instant you are set up to record calls – improving you communication with clients and staff.

Phone Call Tracking Automation

ActiveDEMAND enables you to set-up as many call tracking numbers as you like. Choose from toll-free call tracking numbers or enter your desired area code and choose a number from the list. Creating a phone call tracking number for a campaign can be done in under a minute. There is no application or approval process. With built-in reporting, you can see full real-time details of all your tracked phone numbers. With ActiveDEMAND reporting, you can measure campaign results and optimize future campaigns. ActiveDEMAND works great with sales teams. If a contact is assigned to a sales person, whenever that contact calls a tracked number, the call is automatically redirected to the specific sales person.

Improve Call Ads Performance

Which ads are working and which ads are not is more than just counting calls. Investigate the quality of the conversation with ActiveDEMAND! Full attribution on every call plus the ability to automate call scoring. Ad performance improvement has never been easier!

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5-star   Reviews by TrustRadius

"When choosing a marketing automation system, it is important to think of what exactly you want it to do. I think no matter what you are hoping to get out of a marketing automation platform, you can achieve it with ActiveDEMAND."

Linda B., Marketing Advisor

5-star   Reviews by Capterra

"With ActiveDEMAND, everything is in one spot and integrated. We can easily see what marketing campaigns are working and what needs to be adjusted."

Jennifer O., VP of Sales & Marketing at White Room Automation