Complete Marketing Call Tracking Analytics

ActiveDEMAND Geo-IP Based Automated Call Routing

ActiveDEMAND Geo-IP Based Automated Call Routing

Incoming calls can be directed to a specific person, a shared phone number or to a group of numbers where the first person to answer the call gets the opportunity.

Improve Marketing ROI With Data Backed Decisions

ActiveDEMAND provides a powerful set of reporting tools to make use of all the call tracking data collected. The dashboard and detailed reports are designed to make marketing folks better marketers and sales folks better sellers. ActiveDEMAND shows you exactly what is working and where to improve.


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Attribution Reporting

Attribution reporting is a necessity for any marketer. ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking shows you the exact source of any lead. When using call tracking, ActiveDEMAND is able to show marketers what campaigns are driving the qualified leads and which ones are under-performing.

Analyze Calls for Quality

ActiveDEMAND isn’t just for marketers. Sales managers and teams use it to review incoming calls. Cloud tags combined with automated transcription and recordings enables sales staff to analyze incoming calls and improve their telephone selling skills.

Reporting Designed for Marketing Agencies

ActiveDEMAND is made for digital marketing agencies. Agencies can white label client reports that provide call tracking details including leads generated from a specific campaign, calls broken down by region, department, and sales person as well as full attribution reporting.

Phone Call Trackign AUtomation

ActiveDEMAND transforms useless marketing data into actionable marketing analytics. Unleash your marketing power, stop wasting time on ineffective marketing campaigns. Get the right information with an ActiveDEMAND marketing dashboard. ActiveDEMAND marketing analytics and drill down reports give you the high level KPIs and enable you to drill down into a specific person’s journey. Full attribution reporting in one place. Agencies love the ability to automate marketing reports, build custom dashboards for their clients, and truly demonstrate marketing attribution with ActiveDEMAND marketing analytics.


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What others are saying about ActiveDEMAND

5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"While ActiveDEMAND can manage and execute many aspects of our online and offline marketing, I appreciate the dashboard reporting and customizable reports and analytics that help us to identify our strengths and opportunities and improve where we need to, on the fly."

Kelli S., Marketing Head

5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"ActiveDEMAND delivers fresh leads to my inbox daily. Starting every day with information of people that have actually looked at our site gives me a great starting place to do research from the information provided by Active DEMAND."

Brian Diiulio, Vice President of Sales, QDS Systems