Call Recording

ActiveDEMAND Call Recording

ActiveDEMAND Call Recording

Call recording is as simple as checking the "yes" button within the call tracking interface.

ActiveDEMAND Call Recording

ActiveDEMAND Call Recording

Every call is recorded and stored, along with a tag cloud, within the contact's record.

ActiveDEMAND Call Recording

ActiveDEMAND Call Recording

ActiveDEMAND generates reports so you can see exactly what is happening with your calls.

Call Recording, Archiving and Playback Only a Click Away

While the process of recording and listening to recorded incoming telephone calls is not new, with ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking, recording incoming phone calls doesn’t get any easier. Simply check the “record incoming calls” and you’re all set. In an instant you are set up to record calls – improving you communication with clients and staff.


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Quality Assurance

Call recording improves customer service in a number of different ways. Like sales training, front line people including support, services and other departments can be coached to deliver optimal customer service. In addition to improving customer service, the accuracy of instructions can be confirmed such as order details.

Better Prospect Segmentation

When call recording is used for lead qualification, particularly for more complex products and services, a lot of information can be recorded. This information is automatically stored in a database and is easily accessed by account managers with a click of a button.

Performance Reviews & Improvement

Call recording helps managers monitor staff’s communication with clients. Additionally call recording is a great way to help your front line sales staff quickly move from a junior salesperson to one that is effectively closing sales. Staff is coached to effectively handle objections and improve their delivery.

Call recording is one of the least expensive ways to protect companies from expensive lawsuits. If you’re in an industry where miscommunication has serious consequences, call recording helps mitigate litigation.

Call recording, a critical call-tracking component, effortlessly wraps quality control, compliance, customer segmentation and employee performance monitoring into a single package. Call recording separates the most effective sales employees from the underachievers, keeps inbound staff on message and provides valuable insights into the right products to market to each caller.
Call recording also provides sales managers with instant access to sales calls in order to help improve their sales team’s pitch.


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