Add Calendar Items in a Campaign

Add Calendar Items in a Campaign

Calendar Items in a Workflow

Calendar Items in a Workflow

Integrate your Marketing Automation and Personal Calendar Events

For many sales and marketing folks, our calendar dictates our time. Want to ensure you follow up with a key prospect? Need to ensure the CEO’s time is locked in for that webinar? ActiveDEMAND’s Calendar Campaign steps and workflow widgets ensure that important sales and marketing events are booked in your personal calendar, where you need them to be.

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Campaign Calendar Events

ActiveDEMAND campaigns allow marketers schedule emails, blog and social posts and slack notifications but sometimes team members want notifications in their personal calendars or need to ensure specific times are blocked in the schedule. The ActiveDEMAND campaign calendar step ensures those calendar events are scheduled right within the automation campaign.

Calendar Workflow Widget

ActiveDEMAND calendar workflow widget gives you full automation control of scheduling calendar events. Schedule follow-up events in personal sales calendars, book a speaker’s time for webinars,  put recurring event placeholders in your marketing planning calendar or anything else you need.

Automate Your Event Scheduling

ActiveDEMAND online software allows you to automate how your sales and marketing calendar events are scheduled. You won’t forget to book a follow-up or event again with ActiveDEMAND’s Calendar Event Integration. Whether you use Google or Outlook as your calendar, ActiveDEMAND has you covered.

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