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ActiveDEMAND Tracking and Webform Plugin for WordPress

ActiveDEMAND Plugin for WordPress

ActiveDEMAND Plugin for WordPress

Easily schedule your blog posts.

ActiveDEMAND Plugin for WordPress

ActiveDEMAND Plugin for WordPress

Add forms to any WordPress page or post and collect form submits in ActiveDEMAND.

ActiveDEMAND Plugin for WordPress

ActiveDEMAND Plugin for WordPress

The ActiveDEMAND Plugin turns your ordinary website into a powerful marketing tool.

From WordPress Website to Powerful Marketing Tool

With ActiveDEMAND’s plugin for WordPress, rich user data is collected that can be used in targeted marketing campaigns including email promotions, drip campaigns and more, helping to turn an ordinary WordPress website into a powerful marketing tool.

ActiveDEMAND Plugin for WordPress

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Configure Workflows to Move Prospects Through the Sales Funnel

The fun doesn’t stop once a lead is generated through ActiveDEMAND. This advanced integrated platform constantly communicates with Pipedrive to move prospects through your sales funnel, automating the deal progression and putting the brakes on drip campaigns.

Collect Rich Analytics

The ActiveDEMAND plugin collects and stores an enormous amount of web analytics data, but unlike Google Analytics wherein the data is anonymous, ActiveDEMAND connects the data with actual users. Using this detailed data, segmented marketing campaigns are created to help grow your business.

Lots of Useful Dashboards

ActiveDEMAND provides users with dashboards that indicate exactly what is working and what isn’t in a marketing campaign. With attribution dashboard reporting, you’ll see how people are finding you and which of them are converting into leads.

When introducing a WordPress-backed website with ActiveDEMAND, anyone can create a powerful marketing tool that encompasses call tracking, landing pages, email marketing, drip campaigns, customized workflows, form autoresponders and more. Further, ActiveDEMAND remains the easy way to add web forms to your WordPress site, giving you the ability to use shortcodes to embed ActiveDEMAND web forms into widgets, pages, posts and sidebars.

Finally, through the power of ActiveDEMAND, WordPress users can:

  • Embed web forms on any page/post/sidebar etc.
  • Automatically send emails to people who fill out the form
  • Create/bulk upload and and schedule posts, let ActiveDEMAND manage when the content appears
  • Dynamically insert tracking phone numbers on any page/post/sidebar et al.
  • Track visitors, link clicks etc.
  • Dynamically change website content based on what a visitor is interested in
  • Personalize tooltips, popups, and dynamic content
  • Implement GEO IP lookup of all visitors, email opens, phone calls et al.
  • Gain access to full attribution of marketing activities

Isn’t it time you considered this tactic as a smart small business owner or marketer?

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What others are saying about ActiveDEMAND

5-star   Reviews by Capterra

"We've been using ActiveDemand for over a year. I've been very pleased with the support that we receive from the staff. They are always quick to answer questions. Since we were fairly new to marketing, they are really good to explain concepts and guide us in our efforts. Our business and online presence has definitely improved since we've partnered with them."

Kelly H., Information Technology Manager at DTE

5-star   Reviews by G2 Crowd

"My customers leads have been amazing!"

Chris H., Owner of Absolute Taekwondo