A/B Testing

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

Easily create multiple versions of an email and test. Change layout, button colors, call-to-actions, subject lines and more.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

Define your test parameters. Declare a winner based on opens, clicks or goals your create.

Give your campaign results an added kick with ActiveDEMAND’s testing capabilities

Optimizing your email campaign efforts can be taken to the next level through our A/B testing features. In utilizing A/B testing, different variants of your email campaign are compared in order to determine which one performs better. Whether it comes down to something as simple as a subject line, layout, body text, images or some other element, ActiveDEMAND can tell you which one will yield more beneficial results.

We do the Grunt Work

ActiveDEMAND makes it overtly simple to enhance the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns via A/B testing. How so? We do all the work after you set the parameters – if you’re most interested in call-to-actions, for example, ActiveDEMAND tests your campaigns in order to establish a ‘winner’.

Nearly Infinite Testing Parameters

What you want to test is in your hands through ActiveDEMAND’s A/B testing features. In other words, you’re not tied to comparing merely two email campaigns – you can compare multiple variations, with promotions, offers, layout, body copy, color, placement of buttons, call-to-actions and subject lines among the most popular email elements to test.

Take the Guess Work out of the Equation

With ActiveDEMAND’s A/B testing, you don’t have to assume you think you know what your audience wants.  A/B testing is the method that gets your audience to divulge what works and what doesn’t (because campaign response is driven by the audience). Taking advantage of A/B testing ultimately allows you to precisely target with the right message

The bottom line is that A/B testing, much like the similarly-oriented split testing procedure, will have a significant impact on results. Further, using A/B testing to optimize your message can yield compounding effects…but this is dependent on how many email campaigns are executed in a particular time period. It doesn’t matter if you are soliciting sign-ups, closing sales, generating sales-ready leads or implementing some other call-to-action – a poorly-executed email campaign does not instill a confidence-bolstered effort.

Beyond A/B testing, ActiveDEMAND offers a formidable set of email marketing tools geared towards the needs of modern digital marketing entities, small businesses and independent marketers alike. Indeed, the dream of successful marketing becomes a reality through ActiveDEMAND’s email templates, responsive design, attribution reporting, optimized deliverability and much more.

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Brock C., Business Development at DMS

5-star   Reviews by Software Advice

"The staff at ActiveDemand are quick to help and provide the tools we need. They are very patient and really easy to work with. It's really nice to see a company focusing on constantly improving their products."

Kelly H., Information Technology Manager at DTE