Call Recording: 5 Call Tracking Tips for Marketers

Call recording provides many benefits to marketers, companies and marketing agencies. With ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking, recording incoming phone calls doesn’t get any easier. Simply check the “record incoming calls” and you’re all set.

While the process of recording and listening to recorded incoming telephone calls is simple, you may be wondering why you would want to record a call in the first place. Well, here are the top reasons:

1. Continuous Improvement

Call recording is a great way to help your front line sales staff quickly move from a junior salesperson to one that is effectively closing sales. With call recording, staff is coached to effectively handle objections and improve their delivery. For marketing agencies, call recording is a high-value added service they offer their clients with very little effort.

2. Quality Assurance

Call recording improves customer service in a number of different ways. Like sales training, front line people including support, services and other departments can be coached to deliver optimal customer service. In addition to improving customer service, the accuracy of instructions can be confirmed such as order details.

3. Better Prospect Segmentation

When call recording is used for lead qualification, particularly for more complex products and services, a lot of information can be recorded to later disseminate into a database and share with account managers. With ActiveDEMAND you can create custom internal lead qualification forms to assist in the process.

4. Corporate Liability

Call recording is one of the least expensive ways to protect companies from expensive lawsuits. If you’re in an industry where miscommunication can have serious consequences, call recording helps mitigate litigation.

5. Performance Reviews

Call recording can tell a lot about the staff who are responsible for client communication. It’s very difficult for managers to hover their employees and listen in on phone conversations to evaluate performance – not to mention it makes everyone uncomfortable. With call tracking managers can evaluate staff with a simple click of a button.

Call recording is only one of the many features included with ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking. Start your free ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking account today!