Automated DNI Pool Analysis: What YOU Need to Know

It’s important to incorporate automated DNI pool analysis in your marketing campaign… and here’s why

The concept known as Automated DNI Pool Analysis is actually a tool including with a free ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking account. The tool helps you determine how many call tracking numbers they would need to register for “proper Dynamic Number Insertion” (DNI). For example – if your own business sees only 50 visitors a day to your website, you may only require two phone numbers to be made available for DNI. On the other hand, a company with 100,000 website visitors a day may require 50 phone numbers.

ActiveDEMAND’s Automated DNI Pool Analysis tool will reveal:

  1. How phone numbers cost money, and that a company that boasts too many phone numbers is wasting money.
  2. How a company that does not have enough numbers misses out on tracking data.
  3. How many numbers YOUR company requires to engage in proper DNI.

Addendum: What You Need to Know About Online/Offline Attribution

Reflecting an explosive rise in mobile marketing, the measurement of online/offline attribution of a mobile search campaign has only increased in its complexity. Indeed, most marketing entities operating in today’s world are making strides to track all “secondary actions” – from phone calls and driving directions to map and reservations observations – yet the process of tracking a call back to the specific mobile search campaign that drove it is not as clear-cut when working with a high volume of campaigns.

The result? Approaches such as Automated DNI Pool Analysis have become some of the primary online/offline attribution tools found in mobile marketing entities’ proverbial toolkits.

With ActiveDEMAND, mobile marketing entities with a finger on the pulse of all current marketing trends, can “dynamically replace” the phone number listed on a website with a unique variant that’s more specific to the web session in play. When a website visitor then calls the number, ActiveDEMAND associate their website tracking information with their phone number, even associating and incorporating personal information.

There are two primary methods for DNI phone number replacement:

  • What’s known as “1:1”
  • Session-based (also known as number pooling)

ActiveDEMAND offers session-based, or number pooling, solutions in which web sessions cycle through a “pool” of call tracking numbers and any resulting calls are matched to specific sessions through date and time stamping.

Still, modern day advancements in DNI number pooling technology are assisting in sealing the quality gap while presenting the best of both worlds, so to speak, to search marketing professionals: Cost-effective scaling of online/offline attribution is attainable without needing to sacrifice attribution accuracy, while search marketers’ efforts to optimize programs and prove advertiser value are left unimpeded.

If you’re looking to transport your business to the dynamic next level, it’s time to set up your free ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking account.