Automated Calling: 9 GOOD Reasons for using Call Tracking

Using robocalls to manage and grow your business

Automated Calling, also known as Robo calls, definitely has its share of negative attention. From surveys during dinner time to “winning” a “free trip” and everything in between. Generally, people frown upon automated calling – even business owners and marketing managers. However, there are lots of good reasons to use automated calling and here are a few of them:

1. Emergency notification:

When there is an emergency, whatever that may be, communication needs to be quick and concise. Automated calling can quickly distribute call messages to customers, employees, tenants and more.

2. Timely reminders:

We’re all busy and so it’s nice to receive reminders about important activities such as appointments and deadlines.

3. Service updates:

Whether it is a service outage for customers or service is back up and running, automated calling can quickly communicate what is happening to customers

4. Past due notices:

Chasing customers to clear up overdue accounts is time-consuming. With automated calling, you can easily reach out to customers with friendly reminders to pay their bills.

5. Event Planning:

For any size event, making sure people sure up on-time and in the right place is always a challenge. Add automated calling to your event communication and ensure your event runs smoothly.

6. Cancellation notices:

Is the weather not cooperating for your outdoor event? Update people with a change of venue information or cancellation of event notices with automated calling.

7. Manage Staff:

Is your staff tardy when it comes to submitting time sheets or other paperwork? Use automated calling as reminders to staff to stay up-to-date.

8. Holiday Reminders:

For many businesses it is important they communicate holiday closures or reduced business hours to customers and staff. Automated calling can help get the job done effectively.

9. Appointment Reminders:

Use automated calling to remind people of their scheduled appointments. A friendly call can go a long way to helping people get where they need to be and prevent missed time slots.

As you can see, automated calling isn’t all bad. When the right system is used to send out the right message, the results can be very effective.

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